Sora, The Point From Which The House of Cards That Is No Game No Life Falls

Disclaimer: This article will make use of the word “Bastard” in conjunction with the Trope “Magnificent Bastard.” It tends to be considered one of the lighter of the curse words, but I’m just covering myself. If I was really going to insult someone like that I’d use “Dastard.” It’s a slightly funnier word and Fire Emblem uses it all the time.


Oh, yeah. This article will also talk in vague terms about how this trope applies in conjunction to more “adult rated” characters. It’s kind of the overarching point of this article, and nothing should be considered so dangerous we can’t even talk about it, but not everyone thinks that way, hence Disclaimer.


Preface: This article is suppose to be a followup to my friend The Space Wizard’s review of No Game No Life. It’s like a Gaiden Article, so read that if you haven’t yet. It might be a good idea. Ok, here we go.


Like Space Wizard, I have a Love-Hate Relationship with No Game No Life. I’m not Tsundere for the show. It’s more of a Deretsun. I want to like the show but it keeps doing things that make me not like it. Most of these problems are what Space Wizard took his review to explain so I’ll leave that there, what I’m going to talk about is what I see as the point from which all of the problems with No Game No Life: The Main Character, Sora.


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