An Evening at the Daikin Festival

An Evening at the Daikin Festival!!!
In my home town of Decatur Alabama, on Friday of Memorial Day weekend a local Japanese company, Daikin, will host a Japanese-esque festival named the Daikin Festival. This festival blends cultures, shows off the company products, and shows how the company will contribute to our Southern River City. The event has been going on for twenty years straight and has gathered many people to area. The farthest that attendants have traveled from, besides Japan, include Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida (I gathered this from socializing with attendees). Some attendants who have traveled to Japan or embarked more on the Japanese culture will show in kimonos and wooden sandals.

*A bit about Daikin as an industry.
Daikin started in 1924 by producing mainly aircraft radiator tubes and other products. It is a global company based in Japan and has many plants in roughly six or more continents. They focus on air conditioning and refrigeration, fluorochemical, electronics, self defense, and oil hydraulic manufacturing. To find out more please visit:

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