Ogy Anime Reviews: Puppet Princess (Karakuri no Kimi)

Ogy Anime Reviews: Puppet Princess
(Karakuri no Kimi)

Puppet Princess DVD Case

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Name: Puppet Princess (Karakuri no Kimi)
– Other aliases:
• The Clockwork Ones
• La Princesse Marionnettiste

Date Released: 03/24/2000
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Supernatural
Age Range: 13+
Runtime: 41 Minutes and 41 seconds
Original Story by Kazuhiro Fujita
– Other works from Kazuhiro Fujita:
• Karakuri Circus (Manga)
• Moonlight Act (Manga)
• Ushio & Tora (Series)

Chief Directed by Hirotoshi Takaya
– Other Chief Directed Work:
• Project ARMS (T.V. Series)
(He has done a lot of work just not much General Chief Direction)
Sound Director: Katsuyoshi Kobayashi
– Other Sound Directives:
• Cowboy Bebop (Series)
• Gintama (Series)
• Miracle Girls (T.V. Series)
• Please Save My Earth (OAV)
• The World of Narue (T.V. Series)

Music: Kaoru Wada
– Other works:
• 3×3 Eyes (Series)
• Inuyasha (Series)
• Princess Tutu (T.V. Series)
• Silent Möbius (Movies)
• To Heart (T.V. Series)
Production: Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, TMS Entertainment, & TOHO
Other Media Chronology:
• Manga???
**I can’t confirm if the manga exist or only a rumor. 😦

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Ogy Anime Reveiws: Magic Boy

Ogy Anime Reveiws: Magic Boy

dvd set a

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Other English Names:
• Sasuke, the Young Sarutobi
• Sasuke Ninja Boy
• The Boy Sarutobi Sasuke
• Shōnen Sarutobi Sasuke
• The Adventures of Little Samurai
(Tsk-tsk shame on you MGM)

Magic Boy dvd screen

Theater Release Dates:
• December 25, 1959 Japan
• June 22, 1961 USA (2nd anime movie to be played in this country)
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Shoenen
Age Range: 3+
Run Time: 83 Minutes
Original Story by Kazuo Dan
Directed by Akira Daikubara & Taiji Yabushita
– Other works from Akira Daikubara:
**Partially Directed
• The World of Hans Christian Andersen (Oh no)
• Little Remi and Famous Dog Kapi
• Doggie March
• Honey Honey’s Wonderful Adventures
• The Young Jack and the Wizard
• Hellhound Liner 0011, Transform!
– Other works from Taiji Yabushita:
• Alakazam the Great
• Anju and Zushio Maru
• Panda and the Magic Serpent (Ooo)
• The Young Jack and the Wizard
Production: Toei Animation
Licensed by: Warner Bros. in a English dub only release.

This movie is made available through the WB Store in a print per order fashion.
Costs ~$22.00 shipping not included

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