Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 6 – Tuxedo Kamen Rider

Oh hey, yeah. This show happened and I need to talk about it for the Internet. Sorry about that. My weekend was full of reacting to another show associated with the word “Kamen” having it’s finale.

TuxedoKamenRiderI mean this show just has less fruit, street dancing and samurai.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 – Way Status: Not Lost

This week on Sailor Moon Crystal, we nearly lose a Sailor Moon what with to Crystal.

But everything’s fine. It’s just a cold open to introduce the new character, Makoto Kino: Sailor Jupiter.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 – Princess Princess of D

That’s got to be one of the strangest episode review titles left. Blame Google for letting me know that’s a thing and also not having full English lyrics of Hime Hime.

Anyway, this week on Sailor Moon, it’s time to be suspicious of that guy that keeps showing up in places.


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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 – An Episode of Ice and Fire

This week on Sailor Moon Crystal, it’s time to get started with a scene of the villians. We get introduced more formally to the bad guy generals with the appearance of two more, Nephrite and Zoisite and I…

Listen. This is a problem I’m having that I’m sure a lot of people are having.

This character. Right here. Zoisite. In the original English Dub they made this character a woman due to their relationship with one of the other generals, who is also a guy. I’m not saying anything bad about their relationship I’m just stating that it’s still taking me a bit to internalize Zoisite as being a Bishounen not a woman. The obviously male voice is helping that. Continue reading

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 – Computational Blue-galoo.

So, This week on Sailor Moon Crystal…

Wait? ZeDarkKnight already did an “Electric Boogaloo” joke for his Tokyo Ghoul episode 2 post? Well whatever. I’m sticking with it. My post is gonna have less cannibalism and more references to Disney Channel Original Movies.

As I was saying, this time on Sailor Moon Crystal we get another member of the party! Introducing Ami Mizuno, haver of the “You gotta have Blue hair.”
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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1

Preface: I sit here about to embark on a long journey. 26 episodes airing every other week as a reboot to Sailor Moon. That’s a year of Moon.


You see, the reason I chose to review this weekly when there are so many other shows to choose from this season, and I may still decide to pick up a second after previewing things, is because I consider Sailor Moon to be my first anime. I technically watched Samurai Pizza Cats first, but I only vaguely remember it after being reminded of it’s existence.


Sailor Moon was the show that got me started on this whole spiral. Weekday mornings at 5:30 AM before school I would wake up and see it, just a few episodes. I celebrated when it came to Toonami, leading me to things like Dragonball Z and Tenchi Muyou. When it moved too early in the schedule for me to watch I learned how to set the VCR to record it so I could keep watching. One of my close friends I became friends with because they mentioned liking Sailor Moon during class introductions in Middle School.

So, if you don’t get the point yet, Sailor Moon is something very important to me. It’s not one of my favorite anime, I’m not even sure it would be in my top ten, but it’s one of the most influential ones to me. That’s why I’m reviewing it. That’s my mindset going in to this show. It helped lead me down the path to who I am today.

And it’s time to start that journey again. In 1969 the first man stepped on the Moon and history was made. History was made again in 1995, when Sailor Moon was brought to America. It’s time to see if History repeats itself.

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