Parasyte Episode Two: The Awkward Teenage Years

Man, where has the time gone? I’ve been meaning to get back to this review for some time, but something has just kept stopping me. Gee, I wonder what it could be, fat-ass. I guess I’ll just have to throw some extra effort in to get caught up! Spoilers beyond the cut.

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 2: Cannibalism Boogaloo

Okay, episode two of Tokyo Ghoul is out and let’s just see-HOLY SHIT THIS SHOW IS AWESOME. I am still loving this dark and twisted little series. I plan to review every episode of this little dark shiny bloodstone of a show, and so far the ride promises to be amazing. With an ep by ep review of this nature, some spoilers of story and appetite are inevitable, so be forewarned. Settle down with a nice chunk of delicious meat and we’ll get started.


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Tokyo Ghoul, Episode 1 Review

Wow. So. with the rest of the boys here at the sausage fest we call the Overencumbrance blog (mmm, sausage), I have decided to review an anime episode by episode this season. Due to my love of horror and my compatriots aversion to it, I’ve decided on reviewing Tokyo Ghoul this season, and I think I may have won the jack pot here. Time can only tell past episode one, but personally I am hooked. There really isn’t a way to talk about a show episode by episode like this without a hefty amount of spoilers, so be warned.

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