New Anime Brew: Santa Company

New Anime Brew: Santa Company

Santa Company DVD BluRay casing

Show Index:

Date Released: October 25, 2014 at TIFF

Genre: Fantasy, Christmas, Santa

Age Range: 3+

Runtime:  28 Minutes

Director: Kenji Itoso

– Other work from Kenji Itoso:

  • Kotonakare Hero Gingerman (T.V. Series)
  • Yume-Miru Kikai (Movie)

Music: Yūsuke Itagaki

– Other musical works from Yūsuke Itagaki:

  • Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (T.V. Series) OP & ED
  • Kotonakare Hero Gingerman (T.V. Series) Sound Production

Productions: KENJI STUDIO & Nexus

Other Media Chronology:

-Lite Novel: SantaCompany Present Battle! ; Written by Naohiro Fukushima & Kenji Itoso; Published by Poplar Publishing; One shot, November 08, 2012.

-Story book (came with movie).

Licensed by KENJI STUDIO (Localized Import).
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Ogy Anime Reviews: Momo: The Girl God of Death

Ogy Anime Reviews: Momo: The Girl God of Death

Momo the Girl God of Death DVD Case

Show Index:

Name: Momo: The Girl God of Death
-Other aliases:

  • Ballad of a Shinigami
  • Ballad of a Shinigami: Momo the Girl God of Death
  • Shinigami no Ballad: Momo the Girl God of Death

Date Released: Spring, 03/02/2006
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, and Tragedy
Age Range: 8+
Total Episodes: 6
Runtime: 24 minutes per episode
Original Story by Keisuke Hasegawa (or K-Ske Hasegawa)
-Other works:

  • Jii-chan Jet!!
  • Mizutama Panic

Directed by Tomomi Mochizuki
– Other works:

  • My Dear Marie (OAV)
  • Princess Nine (T.V. Series)
  • Zettai Shonen (T.V. Series)

Production: Pony Canyon
Animation Production: Ginga-ya & Group TAC
Sound Production: Jinnan Studio
Other Media Chronology:

  • Light Novel: Written by Keisuke Hasegawa. Illustrated by Nanakusa. Published by ASCII Media Works. Imprint: Dengeki hp. U.S. Licensor: Seven Seas Entertainment . 2003 – 2009 12 volumes
  • Manga: Written by: Keisuke Hasegawa. Illustrated by Asuka Izumi. Published by: Hakusensha. Magazine: LaLa & LaLa DX. U.S. Licensor: CMX Manga . 2005 – 2007 3 volumes
  • T.V. Drama: Directed by: Kōtarō Terauchi. Studio: Tornado Film & SF Planning . 2007 12 Episodes
  • Radio Program / Audio Drama: ???

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Ogy Anime Reviews: Vampiyan Kids (Pilot)

Ogy Anime Reviews: Vampiyan Kids (Pilot)

Kick Heart DVD menu there it is

Show Index:

Name: Vampiyan Kids (Pilot)
– Other aliases:

  • Vampire Kids
  • Nanchatte Vampiyan
  • I Vampiriani, Vampiri Vegetariani

Date Released: 1999 (Could only find year)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, Gag
Age Range: 13+
Runtime: 18 Minutes and 41 seconds
Directed by Masaaki Yuasa
– Other Works:

  • Kaiba (T.V. Series)
  • Kick-Heart (OVA)
  • The Tatami Galaxy (T.V. Series)

Music: Kô Ôtani
– Other Works:

  • Birdy the Mighty (OAV)
  • Colorful (Movie)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Series)
  • Outlaw Star (T.V. Series)
  • Shakugan no Shana (Seriees)
  • Zatch Bell (T.V. Series)

Production: Production I.G.
Other Media Chronology:

  • T.V. Series
  • Promotionals

Licensed by Production I.G. (Localized Import)
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New Anime Brew: Holy Knight

New Anime Brew: Holy Knight

Holy Knight Cover

Show Index:

Aired: Spring 2012
Genre: Fantasy, Ecchi, Supernatural, Serious Drama
Age Range: 16+
Total Episodes: 2 Episodes, both times together is about 57 minutes
Original creator: Maya Miyazaki
-Other Works:
• Gokujyo – Gokurakuin Joshi Kōryō Monogatari (TV & Manga)
• School (OAV)

Directed by Jiro Fujimoto
– Other works:
• Ane Haramix (OAV)
**Partially Directed
• Alien Nine (Special) Ep.1
• Burst Angel: Infinity (OAV)
• Dai-Guard (TV) Ep.18
• Sound of the Sky (TV) Ep.10
• Speed Grapher (TV) Ep.8
• Tico and Friends (TV)
• Welcome to the NHK (TV) Ep.10 & 18

Production: CAMMOT
Animation Production: Lilix
Sound Production: Cosmic Ray
Media Chronology:

-Manga: Title: Holly Knight. Written by: Maya Miyazaki. Published by: GOT Corporation. Magazine: Canopri Comic. 2010 1 volume, but not sure if true. Localized Distributor: Project-H. Licensed by: Digital Manga Publishing.

-OVA: Spring 2012 (OVA 2)

Licensed by Media Blaster and hopefully this will be released in October in a **Sub  onto DVD when ever Media Blasters/Anime Works is ready to, but you can Pre-order it now as stated below.

The Manga is available now from Project-H. Click on here to buy manga.

*UPDATE:  Holy Knight might get a dub; therefore, a Hybrid release is possible!!!

**UPDATE: I just don’t know about the language track any more.

***UPDATE: This OVA will have a hybrid release and will premier it’s dub on Crunchy roll on February 23, 2015. Click on here to buy OVA.

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