Donjobo’s Thoughts: Playing Machi Koro


Well recently, I got the board game Machi Koro, and I’ve been enjoying the game ever since. I’ve played it with my friends and family which I want to share with you.

Originally designed by Masao Suganuma and brought over and translated into English by the ever growing company IDW particularly the IDW Games division in collaboration with Grounding Inc. and Pasdasaurus Games This year of 2014. I found it fun and ever growing with the groups that I’ve played this in. Let’s go over the main questions. Continue reading

Learning to Play Twilight Imperium

“Just put your trade agreements and ambassadors together until you have a little pile of diplomacy.””

“He says he’s going to be here soon.”

“Hey, when are we ordering pizza?”

Last Sunday, I sat down to play our first game of Twilight Imperium.

Twilight-imperium-layout_12 Continue reading