Aoi Honoo – Blue Blazes

Aoi Honoo, often translated as Blue Blazes for reasons that will make sense in a bit, is an 11 Episode Live Action Japanese Drama series bases off the Fictionalized Biography of Kazuhiko Shimamoto, telling the events of his life, or rather that of Honoo Moyuru, a sort-of self insert character who had previously stared in the manga Moeyo Pen, Hoero Pen, and Shin Hoero Pen, during his Freshman and part of his Sophomore years in College from 1980-1981 alongside the authors actual classmates: Most of the people who would go on to found the anime Studio Gainax, including Hideaki Anno himself. Kazuhiko Shimamoto is known for, among a large list of things he’s done, making the manga Honoo no Tenkousei, often translated as Blazing Transfer Student, hence the “Blaze” in Aoi Honno‘s translation, which served as one of the major inspirations for at least the start of the anime Kill la Kill which, perhaps ironically, was made by Studio Trigger, a studio formed by people who had been working at Gainax.

Gainax also made an OVA of it. Produced by Anno. Continue reading