Parasyte Episode Two: The Awkward Teenage Years

Man, where has the time gone? I’ve been meaning to get back to this review for some time, but something has just kept stopping me. Gee, I wonder what it could be, fat-ass. I guess I’ll just have to throw some extra effort in to get caught up! Spoilers beyond the cut.

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WTF Did I Just Watch? Parasyte: the Maxim Episode 1 Review

A new season of anime is upon us, and it’s time for a new series to review. Going on the recommendations of my loyal readers (What, all five of them?) I will be reviewing Parasyte: the Maxim. So, seriously, WTF did I just watch? Answers, maybe, after the break.


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Tokyo Ghoul: END

Sorry it’s been a while folks. Being the glutton that I am, I’ve decided to review the last two episodes of Tokyo Ghoul together, and I have to say I made the right decision. Watching these two episodes back to back is probably the best way to coherently follow them. Spoilers after the break.


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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9: A Moment to Breathe

It’s time to have brief moment of falling action to clean up the last arc before moving on to the next arc. Breathe in. Breathe out. Alright, now we ready for more. Spoilers after the break.


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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8: The Whole World Blind and Toothless

It’s another episode of Tokyo Ghoul down, and another episode of dramatic fights and complex emotions. As always, spoilers after the break.

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