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Although Overencumbrance was a neat idea, the project failed due to people (including myself) drifting apart and not having the drive/time to contribute on a regular basis.  I’m turning this into a solo project, and don’t really expect it to turn into anything profitable.  That said, my goal is to publish something at least once a month.

I’m gonna carry that weight.

Bring Back the Magick (Mage the Ascension: 20th Anniversary Edition)

In 1996, or close thereabouts, I brought home a thick purple tome from my friendly local gaming store. At that point, I had collected every World of Darkness game line in print, except one, and now it was finally in my hands. That game was Mage: the Ascension, the second edition of the game specifically, and it would go on to be life-changing. In very short order Mage became my favorite game, my go-to game, the game I had memorized perfectly. Its systems changed the way I thought about games, and it’s setting changed the way I thought about the world.Mage-20th-Screen

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Log Horizon 2 Ep 1 – All Yo’ Golds

Log Horizon 2 is a sequel to Log Horizon.

Because of course it is.

It will obviously have Spoilers and I’m covering it because I liked Season 1. If you want me to tell you what I think of it then I just did. I’m gonna go talk about it with Spoilers below the jump now.

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8: The Whole World Blind and Toothless

It’s another episode of Tokyo Ghoul down, and another episode of dramatic fights and complex emotions. As always, spoilers after the break.

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