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Although Overencumbrance was a neat idea, the project failed due to people (including myself) drifting apart and not having the drive/time to contribute on a regular basis.  I’m turning this into a solo project, and don’t really expect it to turn into anything profitable.  That said, my goal is to publish something at least once a month.

I’m gonna carry that weight.

Mekakucity Actors: Shintarou is the perfect character.

I understand that there may be some who have not seen this anime to completion yet, but I have waited over a week to write up this entry.  Spoilers will be here, as is usually the case when reviews are written.


Holy shit.  Going into the Spring season of 2014, I was almost certain that Captain Earth would be the best thing ever, given that it was BONES doing a spiritual successor to Star Driver, but I was wrong.  I never knew about the Kagerou project before Mekakucity Actors (henceforth MCA), but now I’m so invested in the universe that I don’t know which version of the story I like best.
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First Thoughts: Path of Exile – or, What Diablo 3 Should Have Been.


To start things off, I feel that giving a little background on why I’m writing this article is necessary:

I, probably like many of you reading this blog, was completely and utterly unsatisfied with Diablo 3.  The reasons why are endless, boundless, and honestly are too many to list, but I’ll just hit the main points.

1)  Repetitiveness can be good, but this was awful.  Like, fucking awful.  Imagine you’re playing an ARPG game, and every area is the same, every time, with no variation whatsoever.  Add the fact that the enemies spawn in roughly the same spot every time, the “special areas” that pop up every once in a blue moon are just as lackluster as the story areas, and that you can sleep while playing the game and eventually make it to the end mostly unscathed, and you have what it feels like to play Diablo 3.  BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

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Brief description of the blog.

Welcome to our humble blog.  Within it, we will be writing posts every so often about things such as food, technology, anime, gaming (of all kinds), art, and other such nerdy things.  The first posts will different from each other, and we will eventually put up a post about our thoughts about the best / worst anime of 2012, among a couple extra secrets.  We hope to bring you the premiere nerd blog experience…

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

– Brotagonist