Donjobo’s Thoughts: Career Fairs

Donjobo’s Thoughts: Career Fairs

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A now conscious Jimmy enters the room angrily as he notices that Donjobo hasn’t posted his anime review for the week.

NOTE: This post doesn’t contain anime. I do apologize, but it’s a continuation from Donjobo’s Thoughts on Reboots, Remakes, and Reimaginings.

“Where is it,” Jimmy shouts as he enter’s the same room Donjobo is in.

“JAH,” Donjobo shouts and falls onto the floor as the quite room suddenly got loud from another’s doing.

“JEEZE, was it necessary to roar like Chirstain Bale Batman while entering a room Jimmy,” the recently fallen asks as he stands back up.

hot meal hot date

“Where is the review? I’m glad to see that Cevian posted another episode of his abridged series, but you didn’t post,” Jimmy scolds.

“I did what I could review wise and I will post it this week. It’s another New Anime Brew and it’s from the 2015 fall season. Either case I had to take care of some responsibilities,” Donjobo explains.

“Preparing for your session of Ryuu-tama this weekend isn’t a responsibility,” Jimmy grunts.

Ryuu-tama cover on hotel bed AWA 2015

“Well I did do that, but what I spent the most time on was preparing for a career fair from my alumnus,” the flustered writer retorts to the questioner.

“Oh how did that go,” Jimmy clams down and continues.

“Pretty well. One person is keeping tabs on me like cow. I turned in my resume to one of the companies that I’ve been applying for and their response was ‘Oh your that resume!’ which is a good thing to hear because this means that people are looking through them. One human resources person, we’ve talked on the phone and communicated through e-mail plenty of times and once we introduced each other I instantly talked to a supervisor that I would work under. One person almost fainted from my resume because it matched eye-to-eye with what they want. Another group matched eye-to-eye with my past experience that I felt like were already co-workers. After the career fair, I did get two calls for an interview,” Donjobo explains as he seeks the Dilbert lifestyle.

Toshiyuki Roberi

“That’s Jim-fine-n-dandy, but post the reviews. This is why I’m a reader,” Jimmy complains.

“Your running out of money to party aren’t you,” Donjobo asks.

Malon Dong

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