Ogy Anime Reviews: Dream Hunter Rem PART 2

Ogy Anime Reviews: Dream Hunter Rem PART 2

Comparing the pilot (special) to the 1st episode part a.Rem Power


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Ogy Anime Reviews: Dream Hunter Rem

Rem PART 2

Why isn’t the pilot just episode 1 part a?

Rem happy


Originally Dream Hunter Rem was supposed to be a hentai OVA series. After slow sells, the studio came together and made it a dream powered magical girl series. Normally, I’m more for the adult taste; but for this case the change was for the better. The sex scenes are as long as in wicked city just not as effective.

Rem ow

What happens between the two?

Special: Has sexual scenes. In particular is when Rem Ayanokouji first looking at the sleep induced Miyuki-chan. Pilot, Miyuki is asleep as the lesser dream demons are causing her to masturbate in the nude. In the 1st episode, Miyuki is in her pajamas and the lesser dream demons are making her sweat a fever.


Another difference is the big bad fight. Here in the pilot, his first form uses his tentacles to explore the female body; and his second form he uses his shining horn (penis) to fight Rem as it turns into a bout of who can out cum who. Then Rem managed to escape as she leaps out of the dream world like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland going into Wonderland, but going into the real world instead.

1st episode part a: Contains more gore of the blood spray variety. During the fight of the big bad in the 1st episode part a the big bad is just holding Miyuki hostage, Rem’s body will melt in some dream instances, and the sword fights last longer. This time when Rem is captured her wrist watch’s alarm goes off and she challenges the big bad before waking. During the fight of the third form, a blur dragon, more shots of Rem and the dragon are inserted.

I will congratulate the studio because both versions are the same length given a fifteen second tolerance.

Rem serious

Are there any animation quirks?

When Miyuki is under her covers either before the dream entrance, or as the big bad is coming out of her, a glimps of her shoulder can be seen.This means her cloths will appear when her body is uncovered and the night garment will disappear when the bed covers are over her just so Miyuki can stay naked in the bed. Also some of the lesser dream demons in the dream land look naughty by design regardless of version.


Misc: Questions from Jimmy the Reader

Rem Grr

Jimmy: Why did it take you so long to finish this small section?

Me: Originally when I posted the main review of Dream Hunter Rem, I just ran out of time because I had a set review release schedule before College wanted to start a serious relationship with me. I wanted to start posting regularly and then complete it because this would be more appealing to do instead of posting this finishing article just out of nowhere.


Jimmy: What took so long to post your Ogy Anime Review of My Dear Marie?

Me: My media player’s audio just corrupted on me, so I was in a long instance of watching silent animation with no sound. I fixed the problem by reinstalling the players and setting the properties to what was needed.

Rem daring

Jimmy: When are you going to cover the other two movies for Rem and the Go Nagi dream adventure OVA Fandora?

Me: That is a good question. Just keep reading and we will see.

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3 thoughts on “Ogy Anime Reviews: Dream Hunter Rem PART 2

  1. Silvestris says:

    Your screenshots look really low-quality, are you sure you don’t watch some version with compromised visuals?

    The video in our 2013 fansub released should be looking much better (and you can just disable the subtitles if you don’t need them).

    — cheers, OnDeed team.

  2. Silvestris says:

    Oh wait, I misunderstood your title, this was the porn version from VHS.

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