Donjobo’s Thoughts on Reboots, Remakes, and Reimaginings.

Donjobo’s Thoughts on Reboots, Remakes, and Reimaginings.

Spongebob Imagination

“Hmm, looks like Jimmy is still parting, but he left me a note with some question,” Donjobo explains.

One issue with these questions is I’m not current with U.S. media since I just work and watch anime.

Jimmy’s 1st written question: What’s your opinion on reboots?

Anime answer: Anime wise as of lately it’s been breathing new light and fandom in a series that either had too much of the content cut out in its anime, or investors/funding gave the anime series too little work with. Examples like Ushio and Tora. They took a Weekly Shōnen Sunday in its early years and made an 11 episode series which 10 were released in the US and CAN. Early years meaning 92 and 93 as this manga series lasted from 1990 to 1996. It’s almost as long as Ranma ½, but The Ran Man is older by three years. Right now, I’m enjoying the recent anime series and am glad that it’s re-booted.


US Media answer: The good or bad of the series depends on the effort and advertising of the series. I’m still waiting for Reboot to reboot.

Clint Eastwood Cowboy

Jimmy’s 2nd written question: What’s your opinion on remakes?

Anime answer: I’ll look at Birdy the Mighty for a reference. The first ova series was straight forward with the manga, told the story of its manga, and was an enjoyable and fun watch; however, it left me to wonder as to what happens next. I was not alone while thinking this as the creator moved many manga publishers in order to produce his remakes as he is worked on this from 2003 to 2013. This leads to make the Birdy the Mighty De:Coded anime. I still have great things to say about this anime, but the weird flaw that it has is it ends at the same point the OVA did years ago. Just like Full Metal Alchemist I have Birdy has a Sisterhood soon.

Birdy the Mighty slit screen and personality

US Media answer: Stop it the ratio from bad to good has bad winning at the moment. Little Shop of Horrors is a good remake. Robocop is an unwatchable remake that burns the steak to ash. I know many westerns are currently being remade, but I have no faith in modern American directors to understand how to properly make an intense western scene.

Birdy the Mighty Decoded Wall Scroll

Jimmy’s 3rd written question: What’s your opinion on reimaginings?

Anime answer: Tatsunoko Production has a history with reimagining. In the 1990’s they released reimagings of their works like Cassern and Polymar OVAs which were short lived as some frowned on the quality from them; however, in the late 2000’s from last year reimaginings of Casshern and Yatterman were done phenomenally as their named Casshern Sins and Yatterman Night. I havn’t seen Gatchaman Crowds yet.

Yatterman Nights Hulu Picture Funimation

US Media: I enjoyed the newer Thunder Cats series but from what I’ve seen not many companies don’t want to fund reimagnings unless it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which is always high class entertainment in my book. … Why does Donatello have a space in his teeth? I’m fine with a younger April.

New Hurrican Polymar Discotek cover

Overall: It’s all the same to me just put effort in your work because without effort your work will not have any love in it.

Spongebob Imagination

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