Donjobo’s Thoughts: New Year’s Resolution for 2016

Donjobo’s Thoughts: New Year’s Resolution for 2016

Devine revolution

Well 2015 went by safely but not blog productively. I hate to say this; finishing college had to take most of my time this year. So far over all I’ve made 11 New Anime Brews, 14 Ogy Anime Reveiws, 7 (now 8) Donjobo’s Thoughts (my misc post), and 1 Whose Bad? Anime Sludge. Hey Jimmy how are you doing I heard you’ve been partying?

Jimmy: “Nnnh,” he moans as he is curls on the ground swatting in the air as he has a stench of hangover odor.

Huh… Now let’s go over for my New Year’s Resolutions.


Resolution one…

I’m going to achieve a job within my field. Once again this is not truly blog or review related; however, once my life can become more static I can finally achieve the nook that I once had. The nook that I’m talking about is just a place for me to sit down and enjoy myself also to focus on these reviews I want to produce. HEY JIMMY do ya got any question for me?

Jimmy: He crunches up from his side and staggers to sit up. “Shh-sh-Shhhh, small noises smell noises,” He continues to groan, “Uhh, no questions right now.”

Strange you usually have plenty of questions. Hence, why you have a section questions in my reviews currently. I’ll get you some water.

Jimmy: “Much oblige,” he croaks from thirst and coughs a bit.


Resolution two…

I’m going to keep a sound schedule for releasing reviews/posts. Granted the process. Generally I sit down watch and the series or review-able content a number of times while collecting pictures as I go as well as jotting some notes down. Next, I send the written parcel to an editor to correct any grammar, spellings, and iron out any confusion form what I’ve wrote. Usually spelling is what gets me. Then we check over for clarity and where I can improve as well as where he can improve. After those big steps are finished, I collage the final copy of the review with what pictures I’ve choose to use and format how certain items should be placed. Then vola publish and self advertise.

The water turns on. The point of Jimmy asking questions is to provide more insight than what my format usually would give and to try to feel more human. I turn the water off. I’m not sure how the ratio between New Anime Brew or Ogy Anime Reviews they will be, but I will make at least 3 Whose Bads? in 2016. Also get the Salute your Shorts with Anime Shots started.

I walk back to Jimmy and hand him the glass of water, “Well Merry Late Christmas and have Happy New Year. Be safe and stay warm or comfortable for the rest of winter.”

Jimmy: He drinks his water and yells, “Don’t let the PARTIES STOP UNTIL MID FEBRUARY!!!”

My eyes pop, “WHAT?!?!?!?!”

T through the night

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