Bring Back the Magick (Mage the Ascension: 20th Anniversary Edition)

In 1996, or close thereabouts, I brought home a thick purple tome from my friendly local gaming store. At that point, I had collected every World of Darkness game line in print, except one, and now it was finally in my hands. That game was Mage: the Ascension, the second edition of the game specifically, and it would go on to be life-changing. In very short order Mage became my favorite game, my go-to game, the game I had memorized perfectly. Its systems changed the way I thought about games, and it’s setting changed the way I thought about the world.Mage-20th-Screen

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Punch Line – The End is Just The Beginning.

Disclaimer, the following review will contain Spoilers for the anime Punch Line. It’s kind of hard not to talk about it without spoilers given how the show is set up.

Three months ago after I watched the first episode of Punch Line I was as confused as a bunch of my friends. I’ve had our share of crazy “Japan being Japan” in the past, and have usually enjoyed it, but some of anime’s eccentricities do some times throw me for a loop.

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