Ogy Anime Reviews: My My Mai, Make Me Wanna Be With You! OVA

Ogy Anime Reviews: My My Mai, Make Me Wanna Be With You! OVA

My My Mai DVD Box Show Index: Other Names:

  • My My Mai
  • Sono Ki ni Sasete yo My My Mai

Date Released: December 12, 1993
Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Fan Service
Age Range: 16+
Runtime: 84 minutes and 30 seconds, 2 Episodes, 4 Parts 2 per each episode
Director: Osamu Sekita
– Other works from Osamu Sekita:

  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Series)
    • Beast Wars II Chō Seimeitai Transformers (Series)
    • Chō Seimeitai Transformers: Beast Wars Neo ( Series)
  • Elite Jack!! (OAV)
  • Ghost Talker’s Daydream (OAV)
  • Gorillaman (OAV)
  • Hero Tales (T.V. Series)
  • Homeroom Affairs (OAV)
  • Ichigo 100% (T.V. Series)
  • Ossu!! Karate Bu (OAV)
  • Princess Army (OAV)
  • Shin Captain Tsubasa (OAV)
  • Superbook (T.V. Series)
  • Tales of Seduction (OAV)
  • Twin (OAV)
  • W~Wish or Double Wish (T.V. Seires)

Original Creator: Masakazu Yamaguchi
– Other works from Masakazu Yamaguchi:

  • Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman
  • Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R

Screenplay: Yumi Nakamura (Osamu Sekita also worked on the screenplay as well)
– Only work cited.
Sound Director: Hiroshi Nakano
– Other Sound Directing from Hiroshi Nakano:

  • Princess Rouge: The Legend of the Last Labyrinth (OAV)

Music: (2 people)
A.) Koicha Ota
– Only work cited.
B.) Koji Tajima
– Other musical works from Koji Tajima:

  • Kusatta Kyōshi no Hōteishiki (OAV) Ending
  • Sentimental Journey (T.V. Series) Opening and Ending (hmm)

Productions: AC Create, J.C. Staff, & Maki Productions.
Other Media Chronology:
-Manga: Title: Sono Ki ni Sasete yo My Mai Mai. Written by: Masakazu Yamaguchi. Published by: Akita Shoten. Magazine: Shounen Champion. 1988. 9 volumes. Licensed by: None in the U.S.
Licensed by Central Park Media (CPM) Media, U.S. Manga Corps. JOHN!!!!!!!

My My Mai Opening Card

Beginning Story:

My My Mai Episode Title Cards -Story Insight:

My My Mai, what could we watch here? Why gentle loving Mai Waku and her sex appeal tackling the tasks of her client’s cases starting from her consulting firm. From bizarre cases of shyness, Jekyll and Hyde, and the Devil with her love Mai can counsel her way to solve her client’s problems. From all natural to the supernatural these problems will become a waste when Mai is on the case.

 Lady Mai

Note: For the sake of simplicity and no one really giving this OVA any attention. I will sort all of the characters with their voice actors and will not list over three characters that they have done.


 Mai Waku

Name: Mai Waku
Age: Sweet-young-thang
Gender: Female
Personality: Bubbly and naïve.
Role: Main character who runs a consulting firm.
Arsenal: Solving problems by using her love, a bag of tricks, and super investigator.
Akiko Yajima (Japanese)
Other Characters:

  • Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman (OVA) Hibari Misora
  • Inuyasha (Series) Kohaku
  • Puppet Princess (OAV) Rangiku Fumiwatari

Stacie Lynn Renna (English)
Other Characters:

  • Gokudo (T.V. Series) Female Gin
  • Iria – Zeiram the Animation (OAV) Iria
  • Jewel BEM Hunter Lime (OAV) Lime


No Picture

Name:  Dr. Ben K. Shinobi
Gender: Male
Other information:  ???

C.) CountName: Black Count
Age: Young Man
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, collective, and smart.
Role: Sub Main Character, hot 1990’s man candy.
Arsenal: Needles and incense
Sho Hayami (Japanese)
Other Characters:

  • Dream Hunter Rem (OAV) Enkou
  • The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (Series) Makoto Yamamoto
  • Ushio & Tora (OAV) Raishin

Jack Rockwell (English)
Only Character

D.) Lunatic Name: Lunatic
Age: Crazy
Gender: Male
Personality: Crazy loser baby
Role: Antagonist
Arsenal: Mad men tools
VA: Too Lazy

E.) Shinjuku Granny Name: Shinjuku Granny
Age: Shinjuku Granny
Gender: Shinjuku Granny (Obviously)
Personality: Sage
Role: Sage
Arsenal: Knowledge
Shigezou Sasaoka (Japanese)
Other Characters:

  • Dragon Slayer (OAV) Akdam
  • Hermes – Winds of Love (Movie) Minotaur
  • Zenki (T.V. Series) Goura

Jayce Reeves a.k.a. Bruce Nielsen a.k.a. Jim Washington (English)
Other Characters:

  • Y.E.S. of Mars (Movie) Arron Doorson
  • Kai Doh Maru (OAV) Minamoto-no-Raiko
  • Record of Lodoss War (OAV) Wagnard

F.) Ryoichi Kudo Name: Ryouichi Kudou
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Smooth young singing sensation for all the single ladies.
Role: Sub Character, hot 1990’s man candy.
Arsenal: Smexiness
Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese)
Other Characters:

  • Berserk (T.V. Series) Griffith
  • Early Reins (OAV) Jack
  • Wild 7 (OAV) as Tada

Jason Harris (English)
Other Characters:

  • The Cat Returns (Movie) Extras
  • Iria – Zeiram the Animation (OAV) Komimasa



Name: Yua
Age: Same as Mai (I guess)
Gender: Female
Personality: Lover girl, overconfident, and an air head
Role: Sub Main Character, Mai’s rival, Faith-Healer/Psychic.
Arsenal: What a Psychic normally uses explosives.
Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese)
Other Characters:

  • Excel Saga (T.V. Series) Excel
  • Maze (Series) ♀ Maze
  • Sailor Moon (Series) Usagi

Kira Burke (English)
Other Character:

  • Battle Skipper (OAV) Kanami Ezaki

H.) Devil Name: Satan
Age: Satan
Gender: Male
Personality: Goofy Satan
Role: Antagonist because he’s Satan
Arsenal: Whatever he wants because he’s Satan
Not Cited (Japanese)
Nathan DeCoux (English)
Only Character

I.) Ai Name: Ai
Age: Same as Mai (I guess)
Gender: Female
Personality: Tomboyish, spunky, and a lovable jock
Role: Sub Character, Friends with Mai, works at consulting firm?
Arsenal: Baseball bat, her deadly fists and feet, and charm
VA: Not Cited (Japanese)
Karen Smith (English)
Other Characters:

  • Battle Skipper (OAV) Rie Shibusawa
  • Record of Lodoss War (Series) Shiris
  • Virgin Fleet (OAV) Kohka Hirose

J.) Mii Name: Mii
Age: Same as Mai (I guess)
Gender: Female
Personality: Girly-girl, lush, and courageous
Role: Sub-character, Friends with Mai, works at consulting firm?
Arsenal: Make-up artist, cunning, and charm
VA: Not Cited (Japanese)
Debora Rabbai a.k.a. Angora Deb a.k.a. Debbie Rabba (English)
Other Characters:

  • Alien Nine (OVA) Kumi Kawamura
  • Ghost Sweeper Mikami (Series) Okinu
  • Maze (Series) ♀ Maze

Mai Ai Mii Production quality:


For the standards of 1993 influenced anime it’s done quite well, but a re-mastering re-release will help with the scan lines during the animation. The reflective and shading effects are done well as character expressions are energetic and are easy on the eyes. Release process aside, the other animation error I could find is near the end where Mai chuckles at Mii. What happens is Mai’s voice is laughing in both Japanese and English tracks but the animation on Mai doesn’t portray this action. This error might just have been over looked due to the project’s deadline and really shouldn’t matter that much, yet some one must pay from denying this OVA near perfect animation. So I’ll blame the Recording Engineer while publically displaying their name… Dick Everhard Wh-what? Who’s Everhard? DAMN IT, JOHN!!!

Animation Rating: 3.40/5 (C) CabaRet -Sound:
The voice talents show their culture, while the Japanese is fine; the English is very New Jersey/York which is what John was surrounded with. Many would voice this to be bad or dreadful due to the area and reputations from that area, but in this OVA the English voices are done well. Everyone sounds as they should the old sound like dirt while the youth sounds energetic, but one extra in the English cast pronounced the word ‘room’ as ‘rum’ which angers me.

The background music seems to be lacking in episode one which effects the pace, but after that episode I have no complaints with the background music.

The opening “Ikenai Situation” performed by Akiko Yajima is fast paced, chaotic, about love for the first time, and as likeable as an opening from Ranma ½. The ending “Kizuite Hoshii no” performed by Junko Monzawa, Kaori Kuramochi, and Seiko Hōga is a fluttering tone, but I wished some subtitles were provided since I’m sitting through a credit crawl, but if I had to take an uneducated guess as to what’s the song is about I would say the flubs of love. The composure is similar to the opening to Sakura Dairies or Sakura Mail, but My My Mai’s ending is at a faster tempo.

Sound Rating: 3.5/5(B). Get Down*Overall Production Rating = 3.45/5 (C)

Hostess Club Mai Waku Ooo la la cranberry sauce ah la Mai!

Pros, Cons, and Other Thoughts:

  • It’s a comedy ova with lively characters that got me to laugh
  • It’s another project from the person who made Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman
  • It’s another OVA with the same fun factor as such other OVA’s such as Project A-KO and Jewel BEM Hunter Lime


  • The OVA isn’t well cited if another release were to happen it would be nice to know in either language as to who voiced what
  • This OVA is not really well known
  • If this was to get a re-release, a re-mastering is in dire need due to the scan line issues
  • For some reason the pace of episode one story one is sort of sluggish

-Other Thoughts:
This is the first time I’m talking about one of those titles that John brought over and since it’s from Central Park Media from its U.S. Manga Corps division all located in New York, New York this means I must be snobby and prude to this title. So how was my watch? It was very enjoyable with the likable characters, zany situations, and many scenes that got me to laugh. I’m saddened to know that not many people have seen it and it is one of the few titles that Masakazu Yamaguchi got animated, aside from Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman & R, out of his plethora of manga titles.

The starting situations begin seriously though zaniness is used to develop the situations as well as resolve them. This zaniness is in the same vein as these titles: Ranma ½ , Project A-KO, and Jewel BEM Hunter Lime. Along with this zaniness it has in-your-window mixed in. From this mix there is fan service, but nothing for the PTA to riot about because at the beginning of the DVD exists an ‘Absolutely Not for Children’ warning although the box doesn’t warn of such a rating. The OVA touches such lewdness as no-crotch-shot-nudie-booty, boobs with nipples, and groping. Since no sex occurs it’s not a porn/hentai title just an ecchi title, so I have no problem seeing this as a 16+ OVA. On a side note, the director apologizes to Mai that they can take it to that level. Mai My My director's comment The issues I have with My My Mai are very minimal. The pace of the first story from the first OVA is like a lingering hic-up, but after the belch it runs smooth. The DVD release is primitive and came from a small company so the quality from that time is expected. For citing the OVA, not much is given to credit the voice actors.

Another problem I have is with Mai. She is a private detective- like character who gets into many perils as a part of her job, and when in the deep peril she is worried that her “innocence will be taken away.” From a job perspective I can’t believe that being her number one worry in a threatening situation.

Mai's Holy RevivalPraise Jesus!!!

The stranger elements of My My Mai are some of the cultural jokes like how a red faced Dai Majin head is used or that eerie mask or seeing a rabbit mashing mochi on the moon. I know that they come from Japanese folklore, except Dai Magin that’s a movie series, but not really knowing some of these tales won’t ruin the experience; however, some foreshadowing might have been missed. My My Mai cultural referances Another strange element is how close the first story in each episode is similar to the first story of the first episode of Dream Hunter Rem. It’s not exactly the same but very similar. No magical dream girls here, just consultants. I do need to finish the Dream Hunter Rem series. Yua Revealed

You know Yua does sort of favor Rem.

Wait a minute; I was supposed to be mad at this series and at John? Well fuck yeah John, you brought something awesome over. You win this time.

*Pro’s, Con’s, and Other Thoughts Rating: 3.75/5 (B) yoyo girl n cutie cosplay

I think Mai’s attire is paying tribute to Cutie Honey while Mii’s attire is paying tribute to Sukeban Deka.


-Was there meaningful action in the episodes?

Yes, the actions taken in each episode were either to progress the story or be part of the comedy to develop the characters.

-Did the actions and situations occur at a tempo natural to the genre?

For the most part yes except for the first story of episode one, here the build-up and beginning animation was too slow for me. Luckily, when the plot of the first story was at its climax the OVA the flow sped up and continued at a comfortable pace to the end.

-Did the resolution of each situation affect the flow of the episodes?

It continues the life event’s Mai must go through. The first part of each episode is a continuing story that does complete itself.  Any detail that turns up unused will become a pun.  If one was tired from work and wanted to watch this, the first part would lull the tired one to sleep as the rest would help the tired one with a jolly second wind.

*Pace Overall Rating: 3.45/5 (C)

 My My Mai Long Scene

 A long but bearable scene.

Overall ratings:

  • Plot: 3.5/5 (B) Tells a comedic story.
  • Performance: 3.75/5 (B) Pretty good.
  • Pace: 3.45/5 (C) A slightly slow beginning.
  • Characters: 3.6/5 (B) Energetic and enjoyable.
  • Production Quality: 3.45/5 (C) Animation: Dick Everhard. Sound: Active Love.
  • Pro’s, Con’s, and other thoughts: 3.75/5 (B) Needs a re-mastering, but a diamond in the rough.
  • Overall total: 3.58/5 (B) Another one from Masakazu Yamaguchi and is a diamond in the rough from the Central Park Media/U.S. Manga Corps catalog.

Note: Due to my own belief and further defining anime as a pop art, no rating will ever receive a 0, 1, or 5 (a Z, F, or A in my book). For this reason is that times will change as opinions. Anything can be far greater or worse than before. That’s just human triumph and error.

Mai WheeWheee!!!!!!! 

What was needed?

  • More people to know of this OVA
  • The manga brought over
  • A re-mastered re-release

My My Mai Episode 1 Credits

First episode credits

My My Mai Episode 2 Credits

Second episode credits

My My Mai Japanses Credits

Japanese voice actor credits

+16 Shōnen
It has fan service and mature PDA.
It does not have sex, but is sexy.

My My Mai ToxieToxie, what are you doing here? 


  • Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman
  • Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R
  • Project A-KO
  • Ranma ½
  • Dream Hunter Rem
  • Jewel BEM Hunter Lime

 Ghost Busters

Ghost Busters!!!

Misc: Questions from Jimmy the Reader

Jimmy: Are there any character bios in the DVD?
Me: Why yes they are and here they are with some spoilers…

 My My Mai Meet the Characters

Jimmy: When do you know you’re going to have to face it?
Me: When you’re just addicted to love, obviously Robert Palmer.


Jimmy: Who is John?
Me: Whoa, whoa, Jimmy that’s being too frisky with the questions and let’s save that one for later.

 My My Mai Nyan Nyan

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