Donjobo’s Thoughts: Helping Otaku Nate on his Sakura Wars review.

Recently, I helped out Otaku Nate with his review of Sakura Wars.

This was my first time assisting someone with their work and this was a pretty neat experience.

I did appreciate the opportunity and patience that Nate had while letting me work with him.

Please give this episode a watch.

So what did you add in this collaboration?

I checked for grammar for the most part, assisted on how to describe Ayame, and add a subtle joke here or there like expanding the Colossal Titan scene.

There was one joke I kind of wished would made it was after his first mention on his thoughts on the time period,

Hmm…okay, I guess I can suspend disbelief, but I just wish they didn’t date the series. I mean if it was from that time period why wasn’t Gen Nakaoka from Barefoot Gen piloting a mech to defend his nation and loved ones or at least puppet the Tetsujin 28-gō? … Tetsujin 28 … [gives a dire look at the camera] Next Time! ,”

this was cut due to timing and/or flow issues.

Were there any hic-ups?

Slightly, since this was my first time adjusting to someone else’s writing there was a slight burp; however, after communicating the first draft there wasn’t any issues afterward.

How long did it take on your end?

For editing and drafting on my side 14 hours (literally two days of work) and it turns out the script that I turned in lasted about 11 pages.

Do you both have the same opinion on this show?

I will agree that this series is well worth a watch, but I do have my own view on the series.

I do have all of this series on DVD which includes the T.V. series (both standard complete collection and special complete collection), OVAs, and Movies.

Donjobo's Sakura Wars DVD collection

That being said I will review and give my own opinion of this series at a later date.

I feel fortunate this year because I did get a picture with the creator of Sakura Wars at a convention this year thanks to Crunchy Roll.

Ouji Hiroi Signing and with Me

How did you two meet?

We meet on the Facebook group page The League of Extraordinary Spenders.


This is a Facebook group I commonly enjoy and you could also see pictures of my collection there if you explore the many albums just Look for “Ogy”. Thank Jebus for the pic. Also Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays everyone.
If you want to check them out about them, please click here:

Will you help Nate again?

If he asks and I’m not busy or can manage to make his dead line, I’m game.

That said I will be working on my written reviews again.

I had life to get in my way and I do apologize for the long wait.

 Will your reviews ever be made on a video format?

I would love for that to happen and I wish I could say that my next review would be one, but I lack the space, funds, and tech knowledge at this time.

I have the bravery and confidence to make an entertaining show, but I got to manage my life priorities first before doing so.

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