Parasyte Episode Two: The Awkward Teenage Years

Man, where has the time gone? I’ve been meaning to get back to this review for some time, but something has just kept stopping me. Gee, I wonder what it could be, fat-ass. I guess I’ll just have to throw some extra effort in to get caught up! Spoilers beyond the cut.


Episode two starts off with an obvious host saving a young woman from being assaulted. Hey, maybe these guys aren’t so bad after…no, wait, he just wanted to eat her. *Sigh*. We won’t be seeing any of the more compelling parasite characters for at least until next episode, so for now we deal with the somewhat less interesting, somewhat dumb parasites.

Honestly, it’s a little strange how I can so greatly enjoy the characters of Tokyo Ghoul, and yet be put off by the characters here, mostly because outside the main hero there is very little character going on. TG’s antagonists still felt like real people underneath. Parasyte’s antagonists seem far more removed and really not as interesting as characters. Waa wa, the baby wants to cry about his horror anime have actual fucking monsters in it. The whole premise of the show is how these beings are cold and alien. Have them be “relatable” would be defeating the whole concept of the show. Remember what that one guy said about how all characters are human because they are written by humans? Well, here you go. These things aren’t meant to be human, so their ability to be relatable characters is going to be limited. Besides, it’s not their story, it’s Migi’s-I mean, Shinichi’s story.

After a brief violent interlude we cut to Shinichi talking to his hand again, and this is where Migi is first named – Migi, meaning right. Migi doesn’t particularly care for names, but it’s a step towards humanizing it…him? Xim? What pronoun do you use here? Oh, try not to be stupid for once. Migi helps Shinichi win a game of basketball, which gets Murano to forgive him for fondling her breast earlier, because girls will do anything for jocks. Is someone bitter? They agree to an admittedly cute pancake date, Murano turns to leave, and Migi turns into a penis.

Oh. Oh wow. Um, cover your eyes, censorship kitties.

Oh. Oh wow. Um, cover your eyes, censorship kitties.

Well that happened. This was almost enough to get this show banned at my local anime club, but fortunately the shot is only a fraction of a second. You’d likely have to be at least somewhat dirty minded to even notice it. So you certainly qualify, pervert. However as soon as he gets his…hand…calmed down Shinichi is attacked by another classmate who happens to have a crush on Murano. Kill Ballad?

…in Kill Ballad?

Shinichi initially holds back, afraid that Migi will kill the poor idiot, but when he calls Shinichi weak we see a flash of something dark in our protagonist as Migi springs forward and punches the crap out of the guy, leaving him unconscious. We see a little hint here of where Shinichi’s personality goes down the road from here as there is just the briefest moment of something unforgiving. Shinichi then scolds Migi for not holding back, and when the idiot wakes up, he runs off screaming from the sight of Shinichi.

Of course, had he just turned into a penis, the fight probably have ended sooner.

But fear not, as in the very next scene Migi attempts to masturbate Shinichi in a public bathroom. The wacky hijinks never stop, although I have to wonder what the point of the scene is.

Segueing back into what is supposed to be a serious anime, Shinichi overhears people talking about the Mincemeat Murders, a series of killings that sounds like activity of other parasyte infected people. He briefly considers going to the police again, when Migi makes it clear in no certain terms he’s in charge. Yes, if Shinichi dies, he dies, but Migi is more than willing to maim him into compliance. Yes, yes, hurt him.

Not fucking around any more.

Not fucking around any more.

The next day, Shinichi encounters yet another parasite. This time, it’s one who has successfully managed to take on a human host. The parasite tries to tempt Migi away from Shinichi by cutting off his own arm, but Migi is having none of it. Such a missed opportunity.

In both scenes we see a juxtaposition of Migi’s divided loyalties. On the one hand he seems to hold no special affection for Shinichi, although if Shinichi were disabled it would be easier for Migi to assume control. His rejection of his fellow parasite’s offer might simply be not wanting to gamble on an unknown, but he may be more attached (sorry) to Shinichi than he realizes.

It’s a cool scene, but over relatively quickly. Censorship isn’t nearly as heavy as some recent shows though.

We then get rushed to Murano and Shinichi’s pancake date. Murano is completely dere dere about the place, but Shinichi just doesn’t seem interested. They go for a walk in the park when they see a group of complete assholes torturing a kitten. You live in a really shitty world Shinichi. Shinichi proceeds to rescue the kitten (yay!), grab the rocks the assholes were throwing mid-air, and scare the shit out of them. It’s a bad ass moment, and really a far cooler demonstration of his abilities than the short fight with the other parasite earlier in the episode. Murano questions whether Shinichi is still the same guy, and they have a romantic walk home, with Murano deliberately avoiding holding Shinichi’s right hand.

Then we see two people about to have sex, and the episode ends. Okay.

Honestly this episode feels a bit all over the place. It seems like it’s trying to do too much at once, so we don’t really have a good plot thread within the episode itself – everything just sort of happens without a real connection from one event to the next. It’s very rushed. We will see how things change in the next episode.

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