Log Horizon 2 Ep 2 – Looking For Party

Aaaaannnnddddd we’re back. I’ll skip the explanations as to why I disappeared and just get on with the show.


This episode has a lot more classic Log Horizon “Sitting Around A Table And Talking Horizon” so I’ll be quick.

Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Regan make it to Susukino, the frozen town in the north, in order to find people to help in the quest to get ALL THE GOLDS. Shiroe goes off to talk to William Massachusetts about getting people for the raid.

LH2-2-2After leaving Akiba, William ran out of whatever was making his hair silky smooth.

While that’s happening, Naotsugu and Regan go off to walk around and bump into a new character, Tetra the Cleric. Well, they find Tetra in a pile of snow and bond over love of panties.

I never thought these two would be the best of friends.

Tetra decides to Get Equipped into Naotsugu’s Cape Slot and he sees that the self-proclaimed Galaxtic Idol is level 92.


The trio go to meet up with Shiroe who’s being confronted by Demikas, the Monk who used to rule Susukino with an Iron Claw, until Shiroe and the group humiliated him. He’s supposedly chilled a bit but he still has a bit of a grudge against Shiroe, but with all of them and the newly introduced Tetra, they have enough for the group and they head out.

Meanwhile, back in Akihabara, Akatsuki is keeping an eye on Lenessia while she thinks about why Shiroe didn’t want her to come help with his plan. She’s feeling inadequate about her lack of high level gear.

We leave off with the Raid group, en route to the Raid Location, with a sign of just how large of a grudge Demikas is holding against Shiroe. His goal on this mission: Ruin whatever Shirow’s plan is.

Log Horizon is on Crunchy Roll.

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