Ogy Anime Reviews: Vampiyan Kids (Pilot)

Ogy Anime Reviews: Vampiyan Kids (Pilot)

Kick Heart DVD menu there it is

Show Index:

Name: Vampiyan Kids (Pilot)
– Other aliases:

  • Vampire Kids
  • Nanchatte Vampiyan
  • I Vampiriani, Vampiri Vegetariani

Date Released: 1999 (Could only find year)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, Gag
Age Range: 13+
Runtime: 18 Minutes and 41 seconds
Directed by Masaaki Yuasa
– Other Works:

  • Kaiba (T.V. Series)
  • Kick-Heart (OVA)
  • The Tatami Galaxy (T.V. Series)

Music: Kô Ôtani
– Other Works:

  • Birdy the Mighty (OAV)
  • Colorful (Movie)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Series)
  • Outlaw Star (T.V. Series)
  • Shakugan no Shana (Seriees)
  • Zatch Bell (T.V. Series)

Production: Production I.G.
Other Media Chronology:

  • T.V. Series
  • Promotionals

Licensed by Production I.G. (Localized Import)
This pilot is a special feature in the Kick ♥Heart Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack, but only DVD in Japanese dub only, strange.

Vampiyan Kids Title
Beginning Story:

Vampiyan Castle
-Story Insight:
One night, Kou over stayed somewhere because he read too much manga. On his run home he sees a bat and decides to run with it. Soon he finds himself trapped in a castle with a girl named Sue and wacky father who is hungry to see him. Watch what an adventurous night that Kou will have.

Vampiyan Family Protraits




Name: Kou
Gender: Male
Personality: Caring, adventurous, and genki.
Role: Main human character who falls in friendship with Sue.
Kumiko Watanabe (Japanese)
Other Roles:

  • Doki Doki School Hours (T.V. Series) as Linda Matsumoto-sensei
  • Inuyasha (Series) as Shippo
  • Kaiketsu Zorori (Movie) as Keroro
  • Samurai Troopers (or Ronin Warriors) (Series) as Jun Yamano
  • Wagnaria!! (T.V. Series both seasons) as Kyouko Shirafuji




Name: Sue
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, friendly, and ginki.
Role: Main human character who falls in friendship with Kou.
Mika Kanai (Japanese)
Other Roles:

  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion & R2 (T.V. Series) as Kaguya Sumeragi
  • Cromartie High School (Series) as Mechazawa Beta
  • Elven Bride (OAV) as Noity
  • Galaxy Angel (Series) as Normad &Vanilla H
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni … (Series) as Satoko Hōjō




Name: Papa
Gender: Male
Personality: Silly Goof.
Role: The count of his castle and loving father who wants blood and a happy home.
Kenji Utsumi (Japanese)
Other Roles:

  • Berserk (T.V. Series) as Nosferatu Zodd or Zodd the Immortal
  • Dream Hunter Rem (OAV) as Inspector Junichirō Sakaki
  • Sea Prince and the Fire Child (Movie) as Glaucos




Name: Mama
Gender: Female
Personality: Magical glass cannon that values her youthful beauty.
Role: Takes a bath and uses magic.
Ai Orikasa (Japanese)
Other Roles:

  • Blue Seed (Series) as Ryoko Takeuchi
  • Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (OAV) as Fraulein D
  • Tenchi Muyo (Series) as Ryoko



Vampire Hunter

Name: Vampire Hunter
Gender: Male
Personality: Tactful and competent.
Role: Why rid the vampires. He does not false advertise.
Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese)
Other Roles:
• Armor Hunter Mellowlink (OAV) as Mellowlink
• Elven Bride (OAV) as Kenji
• Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (OAV) as Knuckles



Punk Dear

Name: Tonakai
Gender: Male
Personality: Punk.
Role: The ever wise and living head ordainment that makes me want to laugh like a mad man.
Wataru Takagi (Japanese)
Other Roles:

  • Animal Crossing (Movie) as Johnny or Gulliver
  • Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (Movie) as Enzo
  • Tenchi Muyo (Series) as Kamidake

Well, looking at this chart proves that Papa is not the next evolution of Count Chocula.

Production quality:

The animation fits the silly, haunting, and childish atmosphere that the story needs while most characters noses are as round as pepperoni. Sometime it looked Tex Avery-ish.
Animation Rating: 3.5/5 Smooth and distinct.

Not much to say fits the tone and found it enjoyable.
Sound Rating: 3.5/5(B) Not bad.

Overall Production Rating = 3.5/5 (B)

Heart Broken Tin Man

Pros, Cons, and Other Thoughts:


  • This does what a pilot should do
  • Enjoyable characters
  • Action was enjoyable
  • I did laugh at some of the humor


  • Kou is naked during the last half
  • The pace is off at times
  • No officials subtitles on the localized import, WHAT THE FUCK!!!

-Other Thoughts:
Well this is my second requests (a special shout out to Justin Sneed) and for a pilot it does its job well. The characters are properly introduced and demonstrated well, the action is thrilling, and the silliness is enjoyable. The romance between the parents is as rememberable as Gomez and Morticia from the Adams Family; however, Papa is just as goofy as Herman Munster from the Munsters. Also the friendship between Kou and Sue is enjoyable as they become buddies and come to each other’s need of help. This really makes me root for Kou and Sue to become a couple and strong one when they are ready.


Later on an antagonist shows up named ‘Vampire Hunter.’ He uses gadgets like a secrete and proves to be a fierce foe by turning Sue and Papa into temporary Werewolves and achieving the unthinkable with his gadgets in hand.

Vampiyan other forms

Also we have Tonakai. A live reindeer that watches the house, and he acts like a local punk. He is here to help Kou by informing him of some secrets to this castle. I got a good chuckle or two out of him especially by when we first see the animal.
The castle is a monolith of fantasy and wonder. While having the essential looks of what a vampire castle should look like, the structure does have elements of child logic and coolness like an escalator for the main stairs, or a roller coaster on the roof, or just the huge scaling of this castle. This kind of reminds me of Kaiketsu Zorori but with the neighbor boy and girl getting along together instead of the local trickster who has a hard time getting over his mother’s death.


Also these Vampires are “Vegetarians.” There is more likely more to this tale, but I’m only stuck with a pilot episode that’s part of the localized import of Kick ♥Heart located only on the DVD as a special feature which has NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES!!!

Bad Papa

Sadly, I think this series didn’t do too well in Japan since only one DVD of this series was sold with either three-to-four episodes on it. Also like every anime series ever to be animated, Italy is the only other place to find this series because their full of it those alians.

In all honesty after watching this, there really is not that much to say. I did enjoy this and would like to watch more, but pants for Kou would be nice.

*Pro’s, Con’s, and Other Thoughts Rating: 2.5/5 (C)

Overall ratings:
  • Plot: 3.5/5 (B) It does what’s needed for a pilot.
  • Performance: 3.5/5 (B) Energetic, silly, and fun.
  • Pace: 3/5 (C) The pace kind of lags at first.
  • Characters: 3.5/5 (B) Distinctive and pretty adventurous.
  • Production Quality: 3.5/5 (B) Animation: Smooth and distinctive. Sound: Does the job right.
  • Pro’s, Con’s, and other thoughts: 2.5/5 (C) Aside from repeating the plot comment this should of came with at least English subtitles since this is a localized import.
  • Overall total: 3.25/5 (C) This is a nice silly watch, but like a vampire I crave more because there is more going on than what’s revealed, but with no subtitles with its American release is Italianating. I know this has been mentioned multiple times, but this really is an issue for me.

Note: Due to my own belief and further defining anime as a pop art, no rating will ever receive a 0, 1, or 5 (a Z, F, or A in my book). For this reason is that times will change as opinions. Anything can be far greater or worse than before. That’s just human triumph and error.

happy tigers

What was needed?
  • The T.V. Series in the U.S. with a means to somehow enjoy this in English
  • Pants for Kou
  • Hand puppets of these characters

Eating her is foul

Red heels? Looks like a hot chick is coming to dinner.


+13 Shounen
There is nonsexual nudity ah-la Goku from Dragon Ball bad.

Vampiyan Thumb


  • The silly 70’s Tatsunoko anime
  • Kaiketsu Zorori
  • Disgaea (In tone)
  • The Adams Family (In tone)
  • The Munsters (In tone)
  • A Nightmre Before Charismas (In tone)


Vampiyan Kids Ending Art Quilt


Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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