Magic Kaito 1412 Ep 1 – The 1412 is a Metaseries Detective Conan Reference

Finally I’m reviewing something that doesn’t require either assumed knowledge of the past or is a sequel to something!

At least not until we see if this crosses over with Detective Conan.

Magic Kaito is a manga by the author of Detective Conan, Gosho Aoyama. It started in 1987 and has run sporadically since then around the other major projects he’s done, like Yaiba and, well, Detective Conan which has been running for 20 years.

Somewhere along the line he decided that Magic Kaito and Detective Conan take place in the same universe, and brought him and his supporting characters in for the occasional crossover and frequent Movie Cameo. Now, almost 30 years after it’s own manga started, Magic Kaito gets it’s own TV anime.

Not counting the handful of TV Specials aired during the Detective Conan timeslot a couple years back.

Anyway, let’s get started

Kaitou Kid is a Phantom Thief, that’s what Kaitou means, that uses Stage Magic to steal valuable jewels. the Kid part comes purposeful misreading by Yusaku Kudo, Shin’ichi Kudo’s(The main character of Detective Conan) father of a hastily written 1412, because it’s the identification number for him as a Phantom Thief.


Our Main Character is Kaito Kuroba, not the lack of a “u” at the end of that. It’s a different word, a Japanese Highschool Student with great skill in stage magic, that he mostly uses to tease his Childhood Friend Love Interest, Aoko Nakamori.

MK1-2Like looking up her skirt.

As he boasts about his skill, she says that he can’t be as good as Kaitou Kid and he skips out of school early saying that he’ll one up Kaitou Kid.

He goes home to think about it and just so happens to find he’s dad’s Kaitou Cave, complete with a Magic Kaitou costume and a message recorded for him. He doesn’t quite figure things out yet as someone claiming to be Magic Kaitou is already suppose to steal something that night.


Also his dad is dead.

He dons the outfit and goes to to confront this new Kaitou Kid only to find out that it’s his dad’s old assistant, Jii. His dad was murdered in a sabotaged routine escape trick and Jii hoped that pretending to be Kaitou Kid would make the people that killed Kaito’s dad reveal themselves. Since Kaito’s dad was the original Kaitou Kid.


Before they could talk more though, Detective Ginzo Nakamori, who is in charge of Kaitou Kid Cases and is Aoko’s dad, reaches the roof chasing Jii-Kaitou. Kaito says he’ll be Kaitou Kid and flee, jumping off the roof and hang gliding away, seeing a mysterious tophatted figure as he floats off…

MK1-5Tuxedo Mask!?

Returning home again he had also gotten the gem Jii had stolen from him and was carrying it around, not sure what to do, when Aoko calls him over to her house for dinner. It’s fish which he can’t deal with some some reason. She’s doing it to tease him, having learned from his mom via Video Chat, reminding you this manga came out in 1987, that it’s his weakness.

He accidentally drops the gem into the mouth of a fish she’s teasing him with before handing it to her father, the Inspector in charge of the Kaitou Kid case, remember, and he finds it in the fish.

Well, that solves that.

Next Time, it’s Aoko’s birthday and also more STAGE MAGIC

See you next illusion.

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