Persona 4 The Golden The Animation The Episode 12

Sorry for the delay. I had computer problems that turned my anime in to Jello.

Good thing there’s always room for Jello.

It’s time for the Final Episode of our strange, New Game+/Fan Disc journey through Persona 4. What was once left for a Blu-Ray exclusive OVA is now here as an episode, albeit in a much different way.

It’s time for the Final Boss.

But first it’s a party! Yu is having to leave, he was only suppose to be in Inaba for a year after all. He’s leaving tomorrow, but there’s still one thing bothering him. Who was behind this whole thing? How did he get access to a Persona without having the whole conflict with his Shadow?

He talks to Marie about this, who has been having fading problems recently, and then it starts to rain before Marie is possessed by the Mastermind behind it all: Izanami, who was also that Gas Station Attendant from Ep 1.

Persona 4 - 12 - 1

Leaving Marie to rest from almost fading out of exist, being possessed, and then choking herself while possessed, the group heads off to the Final Boss Fight.

Too bad no one told them it was a SHADOW REALM DUEL!

Persona 4 - 12 - 2I dunno. Yukiko doesn’t seem worried at all.

Yu struggles against the Final Boss as she talks about wanting to grant humanity’s wish to ignore the Truth by covering the world in fog, until he too succumbs to the Shadow Realm.

Thankfully, Marie is there to save him this time.

Persona 4 - 12 - 3

She says that she’s going to have to become one with Izanami in order to protect everyone, convincing Yu that is has to be done, since she and Izanami were once one being before and that’s why she’s fading away.

So, the two of them break out of the Shadow Realm and then proceed to defeat the Final Boss with the power of HUGGING.

Persona 4 - 12 - 4

Marie fuses with Izanami and disappears before it cuts to Yu leaving, silently but smiling as he knows things have worked out and Marie is protecting them.

It cuts to several months later. Yu’s returned to Inaba for a visit and people have changed a bit.

Persona 4 - 12 - 5Mostly in regards to their hair.

In the middle of talking though it seems that there’s something Nanako wants to watch on TV. It’s the weather report and…

Persona 4 - 12 - 6

Oh Hi Marie. Yeah, she’s a weather girl now, only instead of predicting the weather she DECIDES IT USING HER NEW GODLIKE POWERS. Yu’s in town? IT HAS TO BE SUNNY NOW.


And the episode ends as the party to celebrate Yu’s visit goes on, focusing on a wish left in a not-long-buried time capsule they made before Yu left. “I wish we could stay together forever.”

In closing, Persona 4 the Golden was a fun experience for me, someone who likes Persona 4 and it’s characters. It really should be watched after the original anime given it’s weird set up, but if you just don’t care for Marie then all I can really do is suggest the 2 Adachi episodes. They have some of the best animation of this series and help add to stuff the original series didn’t go in to as much detail about.

So, if you like Persona 4 and have played the game or seen the first anime, watch it. I don’t think this is intended to make new fans.

Final Scores do nothing to help people, so I’m gonna rate this anime 1 Yamato-Takeru out of Garzey’s Wing Reference.

YamatoTakeru“Damn you, Yamato-Takeru-no-Mikoto!!!!”

Persona 4 The Golden is available on Crunchyroll.

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