Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 6 – Tuxedo Kamen Rider

Oh hey, yeah. This show happened and I need to talk about it for the Internet. Sorry about that. My weekend was full of reacting to another show associated with the word “Kamen” having it’s finale.

TuxedoKamenRiderI mean this show just has less fruit, street dancing and samurai.

Picking up from where things left off last time, Usagi has gotten her new wand the… Moon Stick. Sorry, it’s just the Engrish for how they say that is just so funny. Muun Sutiku. Anyway, after the opening we find out that Mamoru is having a reoccurring dream of a poorly animated battle of some kind where some girl with VERY DISTINCTIVE HAIR is yelling about the Silver MacGuffin Crystal. Cutting back to Usagi it looks like she’s having the same poorly animated dream, but from a different point of view.

“I wonder if that means it’s more than just a dream?” he asked knowing the answer already.

It’s then revealed that Tuxedo Mask has sent out message saying that he’s looking for the Silver MacGuffin Crystal, and apparently he’s also been stealing jewels or something looking for it?

SM6-1Thanks though. I thought I still had 2 weeks until Magic Kaito started and I’ve already got a Top Hat-clad Jewel Thief in an anime.

It’s all part of a plan to find out more about it, but the bad guys hop on it and use it to brainwash people in to trying to find it for them. The Seishi go to the Secret Arcade Base and try and find the source of the brainwashing. Luna thinks it’s all part of Tuxedo Mask’s Keikaku but Usagi thinks he’s okay because he keeps saving her, running off because her friends just think it’s his Keikaku to get her to fall for him. In their defense, no one knows about the Predestined Love from the Moon’s Past-Future yet, so it’s a bit more understandable.

So, while Usagi is off running around, the other 3 go to the TV station to figure out what’s up, getting in to a fight with Zoycite. Mercury even has an offensive move now, turning her bubbles in to lazer beams!

SM6-2MoistBeam“What kind of power-up is Moist Beam!?”

But they all lose when Queen Beryl shows up, as the camera lingers for a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg time on her chest FOR SOME REASON.


I mean I’m not complaining, but I really wasn’t expecting it in this show, even how devoid it has been of such gaze. Granted, it’s main female cast are still in Middle School, but this panning shot takes 12 seconds and at least part of that “reason” is on camera the whole time. It just feels weird and out of place for a Sailor Moon anime trying to play up a more Shoujo art style and not letting the changes in anime since the first anime came out really sneak in. I’m just saying.

Chests aside, Usagi trips and Tuxedo Mask saves her again before giving her a speech about helping her friends and telling her to henshin into Sailor Moon. She shows up and knocks Zoycite out with a healing beam… somehow and then motion tweens around town to remove the brain washing.

Afterwards she passes out and gets saved by Tuxedo Mask AGAIN who takes her back to his place. She wakes up and sees Mamoru there and, let me guess. She’s not going to-

SM6-4WOW! She actually figures it out! Awesome.

Next time it’s Mamoru’s backstory with AMNESIA!

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll and is licensed by Viz.

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