Persona 4 The Golden The Animation The Episode 10

This week on Persona 4 The Golden, it’s time to fight for Friendship with the power of Friendship! …And summoned beings from Japanese Mythology, but mostly Friendship!

Persona 4 - 10 - 1

The group enters the TV that turned on last episode and finds themselves scattered in a place Margaret called “The Hollow Forest.” It’s where Marie is and if they are going to save her, it has to be soon or else they’ll be trapped in with her.

The group, besides Yu, find her and try to convince her to leave but she won’t have it, and he finally shows up as she’s about to explain why. Her real name is Kusumi-no-Okami and is connected to a couple of the other boss fights so far, like that Giant Eyeball that she got her memories back after Yu one-shoted him. She was sent to spy on the humans while this whole thing was happening and feels like because of that she has to distance herself from the friends, because her being friends with them is what she was designed to do to spy on them. She just wants them to forget her so she can die without them worrying.

Persona 4 - 10 - 2

Yu doesn’t care. He has to give that comb back and she’s a friend. He’s not going to just let her leave like that.

Marie runs away and after some vs Shadow action they chase her down where she enters Boss Mode.

Persona 4 - 10 - 3

It’s time to summon all of the group’s Persona’s and beat that boss fight to save Marie- Wait… What’s happening… Everyone’s Persona’s are being eaten by this Black Hole… What about Yu!? He’s OP and… HIS TOO!?



Persona 4 - 10 - 4



Persona 4 The Golden is available on Crunchyroll.

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