Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 – Way Status: Not Lost

This week on Sailor Moon Crystal, we nearly lose a Sailor Moon what with to Crystal.

But everything’s fine. It’s just a cold open to introduce the new character, Makoto Kino: Sailor Jupiter.

Everyone seems to be avoiding Makoto because she’s super tall, and strong, and scary, despite the fact that she’s nice and likes to cook and stuff.

Well, everyone but Usagi, who can’t be deterred by such things when it comes to talking to a pretty girl. Also good food. Those are both things that help fuel her main character friendship tendencies.


The plot comes in to play as the stories of a Ghost Bride start to pop up, who is spiriting away men for… some… reason… Look. It’s a monster taking their energy like normal. It manages to ensnare the guy that works at that arcade and through him it goes after Makoto because he looks like this guy she liked that ended up getting a girlfriend.

SM5-3Kinda wish I had the Photoshop to put a Code Geass reference in here.

The other girls show up to help her, because Tuxedo Mask led them there, and are basically useless because there needs to be a reason for Makoto to transform into Sailor Jupiter and bring out the THUNDER.

SM5-4Well, technically lightning.

Evil Maniquin defeated, which frees all the captured men and the party is one person larger now. Luna decides now is the time to declare Usagi as the leader and bring out some crescent moon wand.

Next week it’s apparently an episode about Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll and is licensed by Viz.

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