Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9: A Moment to Breathe

It’s time to have brief moment of falling action to clean up the last arc before moving on to the next arc. Breathe in. Breathe out. Alright, now we ready for more. Spoilers after the break.


Our episode opens with a flashback. Here we get to see baby Amon and a younger Mado first form their mentor-student relationship. This works as a nice cap from the last episode. We get to see the very first time Amon goes up against a ghoul, who just happens to simultaneously be a sweet old lady. The show remain very adept at showing that ghouls have a great amount of variety. Really, anyone could be a ghoul.

Sometimes it's a little more obvious.

Sometimes it’s a little more obvious.

The flashback ends showing that Amon is still visiting Mado’s grave every day, and has sworn vengeance upon the ghouls that killed his friend and mentor. This will not end well. Meanwhile, in another anime, we get to see how the rest of the cast is recovering from the previous episode. Hinami is now wearing a disguise since her cover was blown, and has taken some solace in nurturing an injured bird back to life. Touka makes her general distaste of birds known, although the show hints via flashback that she hasn’t always hated birds and in fact did something very similar as a child with her newly introduced brother and father.

Kaneki on the other hand is on the trail of Rize, the ghoul who both tried to murder him and supplied him with his ghoulish organs. He asks around at the Helter Skelter, but mostly just gets information that Rize was originally from the 11th Ward. Apparently the 11th Ward is no joke, and includes ghouls who dress as clowns.

Everything floats down in the 11th Ward.

This episode also shows the Hide knows a lot more than he’s letting on. Hide suddenly starts spouting off about ghouls and ghoul social structures to Kaneki during one scene, but passes it off as just interest in a book on ghouls. He definitely knows more than he’s telling. Time can only tell if Hide turns out to be friend or foe.

Two new investigators are assigned to work the 20th Ward, and Amon is sent to be part of a special task force dealing with trouble in the 11th. We see multiple ghouls also converging on the 11th, and at the end we see Touka’s brother, Ayato, talking about how the ghouls of the 20th are all disgusting pacifists.

Damn dirty anime pacifists.

Damn dirty anime pacifists.

This is an okay episode. It’s not as good as some episodes, because it’s mostly set-up for the next arc, but it feels like everyone gets to do something. Right now the show is slated to be only a single core (12 episodes) but hopefully with as good as it has been there will be enough popularity to drive it into a second season. Next week we should hopefully get a little more info on Ayato, Maybe Rize, and maybe the stranger who bumped into Kaneki this episode. I’ll be waiting in ambush for the next episode of Tokyo Ghoul!

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9: A Moment to Breathe

  1. People have been griping that Hide is underrepresented compared to the manga, where you get more involvement, though it still feels like it comes almost out of nowhere post time skip, so this moment is probably the anime’s attempt to make Hide someone that we’re curious about if the anime does get a second season.

    Btw, what are your thoughts about Parasyte? People who don’t know about it would think it’s too similar to Tokyo Ghoul, but it’s anything but that: the manga it’s based on ran in the early 90s and is a fantastic read. It’s probably one of my top anime I’m looking forward to this fall.

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