Persona 4 The Golden The Animation The Episode 8

Time for this week’s episode of Persona 4. It’s Christmas in August, complete with Sumo Claus!

Persona 4 - 8 - 1

Remember how we were all serious and plot heavy the last two weeks? NONE OF THAT NOW. IT’S TIME FOR MORE SITUATIONAL COMEDY.

Yu asks the 4 girls in the party, Chie, Yukiko, Rise, and Naoto, if they are free Christmas Eve. It’s for a group Christmas Party, but they all think it’s actually a date, not knowing about the others’ invitations.

Well, except for Naoto. A date is too obvious, and a few misunderstandings and frazzled emotions later, she thinks it’s actually a murder plot.

Persona 4 - 8 - 2<Insert some kind of topical Tokyo Ghoul coffee joke here.>

So, it’s the day of the party and Yu is having to cook on his own. Yosuke and Teddie are having to work late, Kanji’s grandmother threw out her back, and all of the girls have a -10/10 in cooking. Still, Teddie says he’ll send some help over right as the girls try to come over early due to their nervousness about assumed dates or murder. It all comes to a head has Naoto shows up right after a tomato-based accident makes everyone there, Chie, Rise, Yukiko, and Ebihara, one of the random social links, fall down and look dead.

Persona 4 Tomatoes

Yu walks in having picked up a knife he saw on the ground, it was a gift Yukiko had gotten him since he likes to cook, and Naoto assumes the worst, screaming in terror.

Cut to the next day. Nanako gets to come home from the hospital for Christmas and they have some Christmas cake to celebrate, and as a comment is made about how the party the other day kinda didn’t happen, there’s some scenes of the girls kicking Yu under the table. Hey, it’s not his fault you all thought it was a date without asking.

And that’s it for- wait, plot is actually happening. Dangit.

Yu gets a cold from playing in the snow and has a fever dream about Marie, who everyone seemed to have forgotten. I mean even the opening was back to the first anime’s second opening and she was missing from the Velvet Room where her poems had become the standard episode cold open. He awakes from the dream, it being her final goodbye, crying as he tries to remember who that was.

Next time, more WINTER SHENANIGANS, ending with probably the group realizing they forgot someone given the episode’s title.

Persona 4 The Golden is available on Crunchyroll.

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