Tokyo Ghoul Episode 6: Tokyo Feels

Oh no. Spoilers after the break.


Oh God, this episode is so sad. Why do you have to be so sad, Tokyo Ghoul? Why? I’m gonna need extra kittens to get through this.

"They said they loved me. Why would they leave me behind?"

“They said they loved me. Why would they leave me behind?”

So the episode ends with the conclusion of the church fight with the gourmet. We see the rest of the fight play out and, like most fights in Tokyo Ghoul, it’s awesome. There is some excellent interplay between Touka and the Gourmet. She wounds him badly, and he goes to try to feed on Kimi to recover, but is stopped by a nearly dead Nishio.

No, that's the other cannibalistic undead.

No, that’s the other cannibalistic undead.

This of course provides Touka an opportunity to finish him off in a gory display as possible. Inf act it is so that God himself decides to censor the episode this time by shining through the stain glass. “And on the 8th day, the Lord did sayest ‘Buy ye the Blue-Raye Diske.’”

"Though shalt not see yon brains all over...oh...ewww...oh Myself..."

“Though shalt not see yon brains all over…oh…ewww…oh Myself…”

The Gourmet is dispatched, and Touka turns to Kimi, threatening to kill her for knowing too much. Touka is doing her best one-winged angel impersonation at this point, and just as she is about to cut Kimi down, Kaneki reminds her of her own human friendships. Touka has a melt down and flies to the roof, sparing Kimi in the process.

The scene cuts to the new changes at Anteiku. Nishio has been hired on to work in exchange for food. Following her freakout, Touka refuses to leave her room.

Hinami, the little girl ghoul, throws a fit at her mom and runs off because she hasn’t seen her father in several days now. We cut to the dad, and reveal that he is currently dealing with the infamous Jason, first mentioned in episode one. This episode marks the first time we see Jason in his entirety. Hinami’s dad asks Jason to leave him alone, and Jason responds by punching him through a wall and tossing him at the feet of the two inspectors who have managed to track him down. This leads to another fight sceen where we get to see the inspectors, there weapons, Jason, and Jasons’s kagune all in battle. Jason toys with them for a moment, and then vanishes. They then turn and violently dispatch the dad. We cut back to Hinami and her mom making up, and Hinami talking about how soon it will be her dad’s birthday, and how proud he’ll be of her learning a whole book of difficult words. Damn you, Tokyo Ghouls.

The inspectors learn about Hinami and her mom from her dad’s personal effects, and manage to hunt the two down while they are shopping for a new book for Hinami. You can truly see here how brutal the inspectors are here, and how they don’t even regard the ghouls as anything close to human. Hinami’s mom makes the noble sacrifice to protect her daughter. Her kagune is practically in the shape of a death flag. Hiname manaes to escape, and the episode ends with both of her parents obviously dead at the hands of the Doves.

This episode really makes you hate the Doves. In some ways it feels like they are going above and beyond what is necessary for their work; it’s almost if they take sadistic pleasure in their work. So what happens? Will Hinami be okay? I guess I need to get to episode seven and find out!

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