Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 – Princess Princess of D

That’s got to be one of the strangest episode review titles left. Blame Google for letting me know that’s a thing and also not having full English lyrics of Hime Hime.

Anyway, this week on Sailor Moon, it’s time to be suspicious of that guy that keeps showing up in places.


This week the plot is that there’s a Princess who has come to town to show off some treasure. Given the fact that a Princess and a Treasure are what Luna are looking for, it’s time to investigate!

Coincidence“A Princess and a Treasure? That sounds vague enough to be the Blue Eyes White Dragon.”

After some time in the arcade and more vaugeness about the bad guys still wanting that Silver MacGuffin Crystal too, it’s off to the ball. Usagi gets distracted pretty quickly leaving Rei and Ami to actually look into the plot, but that doesn’t matter! There’s cute guys to dance with!


The bad guys promptly possess the princess, try saying that 5 times fast, and have her try to run away with the treasure.

SM4-3Or maybe she realized she’s Princess D Princess and wants to become Queen of the Pirates.

Everyone henshins, but oh no! Usagi doesn’t have tiara because it was destroyed while holding Jadeite last episode! Thankfully, remember how warm Tuxedo Mask was while they danced allows her to get a new Tiara!

It’s also the Mirror Shield.


After they dispel the Princess’s Possession the 4 Bad Guy Generals appear, introduce themselves and say they want the Silver MacGuffin Crystal. After that Usagi, still henshin’d, is sleeping on a bench outside while it’s revealed the Princess didn’t even have what they were looking for. Tuxedo Mask shows up, kisses her, and leaves when Luna appears saying that he too wants the Silver MacGuffin Crystal.

Next time it’s on to Sailor Senshi #4.


Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll and is licensed by Viz.

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