Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 – Princess Princess of D

That’s got to be one of the strangest episode review titles left. Blame Google for letting me know that’s a thing and also not having full English lyrics of Hime Hime.

Anyway, this week on Sailor Moon, it’s time to be suspicious of that guy that keeps showing up in places.


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Ogy Anime Reveiws: Magic Boy

Ogy Anime Reveiws: Magic Boy

dvd set a

Show Index:

Other English Names:
• Sasuke, the Young Sarutobi
• Sasuke Ninja Boy
• The Boy Sarutobi Sasuke
• Shōnen Sarutobi Sasuke
• The Adventures of Little Samurai
(Tsk-tsk shame on you MGM)

Magic Boy dvd screen

Theater Release Dates:
• December 25, 1959 Japan
• June 22, 1961 USA (2nd anime movie to be played in this country)
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Shoenen
Age Range: 3+
Run Time: 83 Minutes
Original Story by Kazuo Dan
Directed by Akira Daikubara & Taiji Yabushita
– Other works from Akira Daikubara:
**Partially Directed
• The World of Hans Christian Andersen (Oh no)
• Little Remi and Famous Dog Kapi
• Doggie March
• Honey Honey’s Wonderful Adventures
• The Young Jack and the Wizard
• Hellhound Liner 0011, Transform!
– Other works from Taiji Yabushita:
• Alakazam the Great
• Anju and Zushio Maru
• Panda and the Magic Serpent (Ooo)
• The Young Jack and the Wizard
Production: Toei Animation
Licensed by: Warner Bros. in a English dub only release.

This movie is made available through the WB Store in a print per order fashion.
Costs ~$22.00 shipping not included

Click here (on this sentence) to go to where product is sold.

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