New Anime Brew: Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods

New Anime Brew: Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods

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Show Index and Characters:

We don’t have much time for that because this is in theaters for two more days at the time of this post. I’m going to assume, as many times as it’s been aired on TV, this series is just as well known as Mickey Mouse.

The only chronology that needs to be known is that this takes place after the Majin Boo Saga and follows the anniversary special with Vegeta’s younger brother. Also keep in mind that this is before pan was born.


So luckily for me there is no Trunks fighting the Freddy Mercury Warrior (Otokosuki) going on here.

To know who is involved, I can’t beat this, here is the official link of the list of characters and American English voice actor roll call:

Beginning Story:

NOTE: Sorry but no insight this time.

– Movie beginning overview:

The screen soars through the stars and planets in space as we hear the Supreme Kai’s warning of a new danger that has been awakened. We join Goku on King Kai’s planet as he is enjoying a jog. Soon he notices King Kai worrying over something. After Goku bugs the king,  the two get into King Kai’s car to talk. King Kai tells Goku that Beerus the God of Destruction has awoken.

We cut over into some spectrum of this dimension as Whis (Who looks like Riff Raff in alien form from the Rocky Horror Picture Show blended with Zarbon) wakes up Beerus. Whis informs Beerus that the Saiyan planet has been destroyed, Frieza has died, Prince Vegeta lives, and Goku. Beerus now interested goes to confirm his hunch of a Super Saiyan God that he had in a dream.

Beerus confronts Goku and calamity happens to Goku. Beerus and Whis now head towards earth in order to find this particular Saiyan. King Kai tells Vegeta of this dilemma.

At Capsule Corp., Bulma celebrates her birthday celebration with her friends and Z-fighters. She has a catering service, performance stage,small  rides, a Bingo game with the complete set of Dragon Balls as a prize, and a pool!!! While Bulma tends to her guests, the now young Pilaf, Shou, and Mai have snuck into Bulma’s home and found the bingo prizes. After doing some graffiti, they found the dragon balls and the fusion duo, Trunks and Goten. Bulma soon finds the five and the trio runs away. Bulma sends them outside to play as she does not really know the situation that the three are pursuing. The trio regroups as Mai shows that she just swiped the four star dragon ball. Trunks big talks to Goten to say that Mai is his girl friend and they hold hands. The white lie spreads to everyone, and Bulma cheerfully asks Trunks to introduce her. From here a slight crush forms between Mai and Trunks which works. I want to see more of this relationship.

Before Mai reveals that she has the missing ball, Beerus appears before the group with Vegeta being the first one to greet him. Beerus is a ticking time bomb, but enjoys the birthday party. Well then, what can possibly go wrong?

Production quality:

-Animation: Clear, top notch, and easy on the eyes. The CGI isn’t too shabby.
Animation Rating: 3.5/5 (B)

-Sound: Just like in the show, the music adventurous and full of energy. Please keep in mind that the Japanese opening of Dragon Ball Z,  Cha-La Head-Cha-La by Hironobu Kageyama, will be played not the American made opening, Rock the Dragon by Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahehi.
Sound Rating: 3.5/5(B)

Overall Production Rating = 3.5/5 (B)

Pros, Cons, and Other Thoughts:


  • Bingo, Vegeta, and pudding.
  • Vegeta character development from the end of the Majin Buu Saga is still intact.
  • Senbei Norimaki a.k.a. (and from) Dr. Slump makes a cameo as a background farmer, but I’m not positive that the same voice actor used in Dragon Ball was the same (The Penguin Village episodes).
  • Trunk X Mai
  • It’s Dragon Ball Z as I remembered it.
  • The 4th wall jokes and humor played well.
  • Uncut: I can’t recall Vegeta did not saying the word shit in this movie. In the uncut show that was half of the swears he said.


  • Where’s Launch? I thought she was tracking hooked up with Tein; however, she did appear in the anniversary special.
  • Where’s Bra/Bulla? I thought she was older than soon to be Pan, but Bra/Bulla could just be taller.
  • Why wasn’t Kid Buu mentioned? He alone gave the Kais tremendous amounts of trouble.
  • Ultimate/Mystic Gohan form is still confusing to explain.
  • Why does Super Saiyan God form look like the Kaio-ken with flames applied to that Super Saiyan form in the Lord Slug movie?
  • That awkward close up shot of a police woman complaining about Capsule Corp not using a proper permit again. This scene reminds me of the korean rip-off movie Super Kid 1996 with it’s numerous close up shots. Then again, this scene could be a Japanese voice actor highlight that was not translated well over here.
  • Trunks wearing overalls like Gokdari from Super Kid 1996, but better sported. (Invalid bash)

trunks gok

-Other Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this movie and I am on the edge of my seat for more. It’s still in theaters for two or three more days this week depending on your location. I did not get confused by the power level reasoning and this new deity class in the fights. It does not have a bad end like the fish jump. At the theater I was in (the Carmike 12 in Decatur, AL) 135/191 seats were sold from the opening night which is amazing for a small town and I hope more will come. Thank you, Fox and Funimation for teaming up to make this happen.

Bulma Daimond

Wait  a minute that dirty diamond prize is from Dragon Ball.


I want to forget Dragon Ball Evolution and it was not Super Kid 1996 bad in no way!!!


*Pro’s, Con’s, and Other Thoughts Rating: 3.5/5 (B)

Overall ratings:
  • Plot: 3/5 (C) Fun, but Goku didn’t step in sooner.
  • Performance: 3.5/5 (B) Good Dub.
  • Pace: 4/5 (B) Fun and want it on DVD ASAP.
  • Characters: 3.5/5 (B) Done well.
  • Production Quality: 3.5/5 (B) Animation: Smooth. Sound: Sparking!!!
  • Pro’s, Con’s, and other thoughts: 3.5/5 (B) Watch it.
  • Overall total: 3.5/5 (B) Worth it.

Note: Due to my own belief and further defining anime as a pop art, no rating will ever receive a 0, 1, or 5 (a Z, F, or A in my book). For this reason is that times will change as opinions. Anything can be far greater or worse than before. That’s just human triumph and error.

What was needed?
  • A pre-showing of the anniversary special ( Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! ) that way people won’t be confused about Vegeta’s brother, Tarble, being mentioned and other subtle details.
  • Please refer to questions in the con’s section.

7+ Shonen


The majority of Shonen Jump.

Quick Links:
Super Kid (1996)

Update: Thank you PanzerFaust for pointing out a mistake I’ve made.

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5 thoughts on “New Anime Brew: Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods

  1. Saw it in Georgia, drove an hour to find one. “My BULMA!” Hilarious, i’m not a fan of Buu, the pudding was over done. Kept waiting for Gohan to go mystic. I really enjoyed the ending, Hopefully a new ally for future battles?

    • donjobo says:

      Sadly, Gohan in his Mystic/Ultimate form only lasts for half a minute.

      The pudding situation might be there to relate more with the children demographic. I do agree that it’s been done to much especially in the US cartoons (Johnny Test); however, I did find myself laughing on how they over-reacted on something so minor. Then again Vegeta did try to manage not to ruin Bulma’s party and calm down Beerus.

      There were so many funny moments in the movie. The Ox King and Oolong made me snort up my drink and Vegeta just stole the show.

      I hope that this movie will be released in a steel case and have two recent specials both being Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! and Episode of Bardock./

      Here is a link to some news on the new DBZ movie that’s in production (Not much thou):

  2. PanzerFaust says:

    Toriyama didn’t say Launch hooked up with Tien rather he said the opposite. Toriyama has said he’s not into romance, particularly for non saiyan characters, so we only get romantic couples in Dragon Ball either: to further the plot, or because Toriyama really likes that character as was the case with Krillin.

    • donjobo says:

      Thank you for pointing that out.

      I’m standing by saying that she was tracking Tien down even though it’s not clear if she continues this after the Saiyan saga.

      • PanzerFaust says:

        No problem at all.

        Launch should still be keeping in contact with Tien and the others according to most sources, so I agree her absence is odd.

        They probably just forgot. To be honest, they didn’t seem to have room for most of the cast in Battle Of Gods, it was pretty much just Goku, his sons(pun unintended), Vegeta, Trunks, Bulma, and King Kai.

        A lot of the characters in Battle Of Gods were just voiceless cameos, so with all that Launch might’ve been overlooked.

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