New Anime Brew: Holy Knight

New Anime Brew: Holy Knight

Holy Knight Cover

Show Index:

Aired: Spring 2012
Genre: Fantasy, Ecchi, Supernatural, Serious Drama
Age Range: 16+
Total Episodes: 2 Episodes, both times together is about 57 minutes
Original creator: Maya Miyazaki
-Other Works:
• Gokujyo – Gokurakuin Joshi Kōryō Monogatari (TV & Manga)
• School (OAV)

Directed by Jiro Fujimoto
– Other works:
• Ane Haramix (OAV)
**Partially Directed
• Alien Nine (Special) Ep.1
• Burst Angel: Infinity (OAV)
• Dai-Guard (TV) Ep.18
• Sound of the Sky (TV) Ep.10
• Speed Grapher (TV) Ep.8
• Tico and Friends (TV)
• Welcome to the NHK (TV) Ep.10 & 18

Production: CAMMOT
Animation Production: Lilix
Sound Production: Cosmic Ray
Media Chronology:

-Manga: Title: Holly Knight. Written by: Maya Miyazaki. Published by: GOT Corporation. Magazine: Canopri Comic. 2010 1 volume, but not sure if true. Localized Distributor: Project-H. Licensed by: Digital Manga Publishing.

-OVA: Spring 2012 (OVA 2)

Licensed by Media Blaster and hopefully this will be released in October in a **Sub  onto DVD when ever Media Blasters/Anime Works is ready to, but you can Pre-order it now as stated below.

The Manga is available now from Project-H. Click on here to buy manga.

*UPDATE:  Holy Knight might get a dub; therefore, a Hybrid release is possible!!!

**UPDATE: I just don’t know about the language track any more.

***UPDATE: This OVA will have a hybrid release and will premier it’s dub on Crunchy roll on February 23, 2015. Click on here to buy OVA.

Beginning Story:

Note: To skip spoilers please go to “Story Insight” after the next horizontal line.

– Episode one beginning overview:

We see a young girl, named Lilith Kishimoto, and her parents stroll through a fairy tale like market in Romania. Later that evening the town bursts into flames as we now see the small family run away into the woods. The mother bids them good bye and we skip to see the father and daughter at the bay. The father tells Lilith to get in the boat and escape to their family. We see a castle set ablaze in the background as Lilith rows away in the boat. She argues with her father only to see him get killed.


A decade passes.  We see Lilith pulling an ancient sword out of a tomb stone. In the next scene, an adolescent boy wakes up and gets ready to go to school. When he steps outside, Shinta Mizumura is greeted by his childhood friend Chizuro Makimura. Shinta listens to Chizuro bicker and tells his cat Cammot (or Kyamotto) to take care of the house. At the school grounds we see Lilith going to a Missionary High School with her puppy Plum. While walking past her fellow classmates, she and Shinata meet as their destiny unfolds. As a gesture of saying hello, Lilith demands Shinta to have sex with her.

More is to be revealed as an organization is set out to kill one of our main characters.


-Story insight:
Lilith must bear Shinta’s child before an assassin organization steps in and destroys them.


Note: I am only covering the main ones and the ones they may have confusing elements. Also to leave a surprise as to who else may show up or as to who they are.


Name: Kishimoto Lilith a.k.a. Lilith Meyl Kolwa
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Bold, Sassy, Determined, and misses parents.
Role: The true Main Character. She wields the Great Sword Calbrinus. She is from Romania and is weak during the day and is raised by her cousin. Has a dog a as body guard named Plum Shuttery, but he is a bad boy.


Name: Mizumura Shinta a.k.a. Shin-chan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, Reasoning, Brave, and caring to those who mean well to him.
Role: The other Main Character. Both of his parents are dead and were raised by his grandpa at a temple. His grandfather also got him into Saint Ritsumei Academy in Tokyo which is a catholic high school. He is a normal school boy living in a dormitory with his cat Kyamotto a.k.a. Cammot. He will soon awaken.


close her
Name: Makimura Chizuru
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Close childhood friend, Kind, Energetic, Honest, Pawn, and a Ms. Smarty Pants whose an honor student (Oh no)
Role: Junior high school friend of Shinta. She has a G-cup for her breast size and is honor student hence the mortarboard cap which may just be a requirement of the female student body to wear. Either way, she gets mistreated in the OVA it’s innocent, but in the manga it’s very harsh.


what him
Name: Marquis Meiyour
Age: Dirt soon to be Dust
Gender: Male
Personality: An old man that barely shows up in the show with no explanation.
Role: He is the head of Lilith’s clan and assigned Lilith her caretaker.


bad him
Name: Cliff
Age: Young Teacher
Gender: Male
Personality: Teacher, Bad Man, Charismatic, Energetic, Cocky, Maddening, and Sneaky.
Role: Teacher by day and leader of a squad of mercenaries by night. Looks like a fusion between Reb Brown and Vincent Price with long hair. What’s not clearly explained or will lose most viewers at first is Cliff has a nasty habit of initialing all of his sentences.

For example if he would say good bye. He will say, “HND! … Have a Nice Day!”

Production quality:

Smooth, no flaws that are too nasty, and appeals to the eyes. I think it looks 2006, but it does have some facial flaws in motion.
Animation Rating: 3.5/5 (B)

The music might be a slight taste in the pop rock/gothic rock genre, but a decent listen to.
Sound Rating: 3.5/5 (B)

Overall Production Rating = 3.5/5 (B) The music is weak to me, but the animation is not bad.

Pros, Cons, and Other Thoughts:

• The set up is nice for the action.
• The romance is more coming of age.
• Not a bad watch for a cheesy Halloween movie.
• It did encourage me to read the manga.

• Plot holes.
• Situations not fully explained in certain areas (but can be left alone).
• The OVA does an unsolvable teenaged frustration tone because of a lack of communication when necessary.
• It’s frustrating to understand the motivations of the dysfunctional organizations which feel like a family feud.

-Other Thoughts:
These OVAs are an average action romance. The buildup may seem sluggish at first, but the later action scenes made the show worth it. The characters range in likeability as some are lovable while others are either too annoying or too cruel for the tone. The romance feels forced; however, the situation given to the main characters and their age will make it more relatable as a young coming of age relationship. Some may bash pandering at one character and their three minutes of sole screen time, but it’s nothing to gripe about. After that point the situation speeds up more.

Originally judging by the title, I thought this was a Christmas related series. I was dead wrong, this is a Halloween anime. Because it is short, the OVAs did get me to want to read the manga.

After watching this and reading what I can of the manga, the OVAs are gentler to the characters. I still think there is more than one volume of the manga made in Japan.

*Pro’s, Con’s, and Other Thoughts Rating: 3.5/5 (B)

My own opinion on Media Blasters:

I’m not sure what happened a year or two ago in their company, but whatever it was I’m still glad to see them come out with new titles. It may be slow but their indie films may pull them out of the rut they’re in. I’m still rooting for this company and hope for the best.

Overall ratings:
  • Plot: 3/5 (C) Choppy.
  • Performance: 3/5 (C) Lack Luster but good enough to get it’s point across.
  • Pace: 2.5/5 (C) The first part does drag, but the second part speeds up.
  • Characters: 3.5/5 (B) Relatable with their age groups. Different opinion and tone from the manga.
  • Production Quality: 3.5/5 (B) Animation: Nice. Sound: Weak.
  • Pro’s, Con’s, and other thoughts: 3.5/5 (B) It has its short comings, but with its short length it’s passable.
  • Overall total: 3.08/5 (C) Go pre-order it, not a bad cheese to watch on Halloween. Besides its price is about $13.00 to pre-order.

Note: Due to my own belief and further defining anime as a pop art, no rating will ever receive a 0, 1, or 5 (a Z, F, or A in my book). For this reason is that times will change as opinions. Anything can be far greater or worse than before. That’s just human triumph and error.

What was needed?

• More chapters should have been released to sort of help get it a better story flow.
• The tone needs some modifying.
• More of the manga needs to be released.
• More focus on the relationship instead of throwing the two in the love lions den.


16+ Seinin:
• Not bad for a quick sit down.
• Pretty good for the Buffy crowd.
• Better intended for 12 +.
• Nice simplistic cos-play ideas.

Clear Some Confusion:

Here are some words used to better relieve some confusion:

  • Strigoi: In Romanian folklore, they are the troubled souls of the living dead or blood-suckers rising from the grave. Some strigoi can be living people with certain magical properties like a vampire. Other names of the word are Striogoaica, Shiscoi, or Kyoroi. Original root word is Striga.
  • Varcolaci: In Romanian folklore may refer to them as different forms of demons or monsters that shape-shift during the moon typically but other tales may vary. It’s rumored that they are beautiful or pale men. Other names are Pricolici or Varcolac.
  • Moroi: In Romanian folklore they are benevolent vampires or ghosts. Unlike the Strigoi, they are living, mortal, and born. Some say that they’re related to wizards or witches or phantom depending on tale. Both genders have different Romanian tales. The female Moroi are fabled to have power to manipulate and control the living. Physical appearances they are taller and thinner that normal humans. Sadly the females have slimmer hips and a smaller bust. Different wordings are used as well: Moroanic, Moroaica, Muron, or Muroana.

• Ga-Rei Zero (by tragedy)
• Karin (by monster)
• Black Blood Brothers (by monster & action)

Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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