Persona 4 The Golden The Animation The Episode 4


Persona 4 - 4 - 1

I don’t always use Bike-Fu, but when I do it’s against giant fat detectives with holes with keys in them.

This week in *Spins the wheel of Soap Opera references* As The TV World Turns, it’s time to try and find out what Marie’s memories are.

She has this strange comb in her possession that may give insight in to her memories, so the group starts going around and asking people about it. As she learns more about it and tries to think about her past, she starts getting headaches and passes out. After waking up she hears Kanji’s mom talk about how combs are are bad gifts because they are written with the kanji for “Suffering” and “Death.” This leads Marie to the assumption that her memories are bad and she stops wanting them.

The next day she doesn’t want to search for her memories anymore and the group decides to to go along with her request to just shop because she seems to adamant about it. While walking along she loses the group and panics, running in to someone. Yu finds her talking to what looks like a store security guy and as soon as he shows up she grabs his hand to leave. He was asking her things, stuff it was assumed she would know if it weren’t for amnesia and the whole ordeal just confused and irritated her.

After a few days of hiding in the Velvet Room she finally emerges in time to be dragged onto a quiz show that was put together mostly by Teddie.

Persona 4 - 4 - 2

With it, the group shows her that she does have memories. Even if her past is a mystery, she has memories of her new friends. It ends on a high note of her taking the comb back.

All in all this was a good episode, although this show is feeling more and more like “Persona 4 The Marie.”

Persona 4 - 4 - 3

Oh at least the plot IS coming.

Next week: the group starts a band or something? I dunno. This show is weird.

Persona 4 The Golden is available on Crunchyroll.

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