Persona 4 The Golden The Animation The Episode 3

I guess the logic behind this “Gaiden/New Game+” set up is “You don’t have to grind levels or social stats so you can hang out with people more.”

I mean, what with the first episode power display and the fact the opening implies his social stats are max it makes sense. It seems like a roundabout way to make what could probably work as a few OVAs into a full series, but it works.


Video made by yumechan10261. I just found it.

This week on Persona 4, it’s time for the BEACH! Like last week, I don’t feel like I can really talk much about the funny parts of this episode without spoiling the jokes. Really, it’s quite standard Anime Beach Episode without that much fanservice, although someone DOES lose their swimsuit.

Persona 4 - 3 - 1

After all the hijinks are done, it’s on to eating food. While eating the group starts to ask Marie about her past, and details about the hastily thrown together reason why she knows the main character. This overloads her “Has Amnesia-ness” and she runs off. After some angst, the group come over and apologizes for being to overbearing, but Marie is still down about things.

In a break back to the Velvet Room, Margaret tells Marie that the group are facing the person they really are, kind of the overarching point of Persona. Marine wonders if it’s necessary and Margaret tells her to ask them herself.

She does that after another timeskip, asking people questions via a camera as they rush to finish homework at the end of summer vacation. Their answers are played over shots of the group, Marie included, playing with sparklers. It’s basically the same information about their characters from the main story, but through a viewpoint of Marie. At the end she tells Yu she’s going to try to remember her lost memories, facing who she is even though she doesn’t know what that is.

I sure hope that doesn’t lead to another boss fight in the future.

Persona 4 - 3 -2

It’s going to be a boss fight, isn’t it?

Persona 4 The Golden is available on Crunchyroll.

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