Tokyo Ghouls Episode 3: Revenge of the Ghost of the Son of the Bride of the Ghouls

Episode three! Wheee! We continue our slide into manic depravity with episode three of the awesome series Tokyo Ghoul! Spoilers after the cut.



Our episode begins with Jason visiting a family doctor, and frightening the bejeezus out of him while demanding another set of pliers for some unknown purposes. The pliers have been confiscated by an anti-ghoul organization that is tracking down all the recent activity in the 20th Ward. A long boring meeting sees to field agents, Amon and the obviously criminally insane Mado, assigned to the 20th Ward to try to track down “the gourmet, the binge eater, and the Jason”. The binge-eater is Rize, who died(?) in the first episode. The Jason we see intermittently, but he remains a mysterious character. The gourmet is a new mystery entirely.

With the news of investigators prowling the streets Yoshimura asks Touka to take Kaneki to get a mask fitted. This leads to my favorite character introduced so far, Uta.

I can already tell I'm gonna like this guy.

I can already tell I’m gonna like this guy.

Uta asks a series of personal questions and goes off to make Kaneki’s mask. With the investigator’s (which the ghouls call “doves” for some reason) are in town, two ghouls come to stay at Yoshimura’s coffee shop. The ghouls are a mother and daughter pair and are apparently the wife and daughter of the doctor threatened by Jason in the opening.

Kaneki takes an interest in the girl, wanting to help any way he can. He first goes up to meet her but manages to walk in on her…enjoying lunch. He’s shocked and runs out, but returns with coffee, because apparently coffee is the universal ice-breaker among ghouls. Things start slow but Kaneki discovers the girl (Hinami) likes the same books he does and decides to help her learn to read the more difficult characters. It’s a heart-warming moment between a half-man/half-monster and a demonic cannibal child.

You could almost forget she was eating a guy's heart five minutes ago.

You could almost forget she was eating a guy’s heart five minutes ago.

The episode ends with a new face entering the scene. I suspect this is the much talked about “Gourmet”.

This is a good episode. It answered a few questions we’ve had so far and introduces some new concepts, like the concept of the mask. This episode is also good for answering how the ghouls of the coffee house feed while remaining likeable characters: rather than murder people for sustenance, these ghouls track down suicide victims for consumption, in a similar way to how an “ethical” vampire might only drink from criminals. We seem to have a lot of characters and a lot of ground to cover, so I’m keen to see what happens in episode four. Until then, stay hungry my friends.

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