Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 – Computational Blue-galoo.

So, This week on Sailor Moon Crystal…

Wait? ZeDarkKnight already did an “Electric Boogaloo” joke for his Tokyo Ghoul episode 2 post? Well whatever. I’m sticking with it. My post is gonna have less cannibalism and more references to Disney Channel Original Movies.

As I was saying, this time on Sailor Moon Crystal we get another member of the party! Introducing Ami Mizuno, haver of the “You gotta have Blue hair.”

She’s also the brains of the group.

SM2-1I mean look at that. 100% AND it’s not terrible background Engrish!

One of the smartest kids in school, even the whole country. Great at Video Games. Has no friends… It’s no wonder why she’s so many people’s favorite.

SM2-2Ami also a cute.

Her intelligence makes her a target of both Usagi and the bad guys, Usagi as help to improve her terrible grades and the bad guys in help finding the Silver MacGuffin Crystal. The bad guys scout her for some Computer-based cram school that turns out to be CD-based brainwashing. Part of me wanted to see the “Welcome to Earth Protectors” from that old Disney Channel Original Movie “Up, Up and Away.” Yeah, obscure “Using Brainwashing CDs under the guise of education” reference!

So, anyway. Usagi finds Ami’s CD and uses her vast amount of computer knowledge to find out it’s evil.

SM2-3And by that I mean “Pressing random keys to see what happens.”

She sneaks in to help Ami using her new Disguise pen and proceeds to get paper mâchéd to the wall, meaning Ami has to transform into Sailor Mercury to save her, by using her only ability she’ll have for a while “Make it kinda foggy.”

Usagi is freed, but needs more encouragement before the finishing move so Tuxedo mask shows up to give it. You know, it’s getting harder and harder to take the lines “We are not helpless girls/Who need men to protect us” seriously when I know that a man is going to at least have to cheer her on for a bit before she can defeat the monster for several episodes…

But still, I liked this episode. I feel like I’m finally getting a bit more used to the tone that Sailor Moon Crystal is going to take: Really pretty.

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll and is licensed by Viz.

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