Ooo, Who’s Bad? Anime Sludge: Super Kid (1996)

Ooo, Who’s Bad? Anime Sludge: Super Kid (1996)

Super Kid VHS pic

Show Index:

In theater: 1996
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Super Hero, Quick Cash-in
Age Range: 3+ “Original” work
Director and Screenwriter: Yi Yong Um
Animation Production: UM Productions

  • Gee, what a name. This is a production from South Korea that also animated Camp Candy.

Music Production: Nam Yoon Kim (The main theme is stolen from Toho’s Zone Fighter & uses generic stock music)
Run Time: 101 Minutes
Released by: KIDS Collection on VHS & in Australia by RocVale Film on VHS

Story Summary:

Our story has a three part boss fight structure with a weak build up and lame corny writing. Gokdari and friends are galactic bounty hunter on a quest to save the universe from the dreadful Jodogwi. Watch in disgust as their quest will bore the hell out of anyone.


Gokdari prof
Gender: Male
Personality: Childish, Sadistic/Tormentor, Selfish, Moron, ruins the movie
Role: Good guy

  • Weapon – Golden Staff w/ green bead
  • Attacks – Energy beams
  • Abilities – Whatever the writer wants at that moment

Big Boy prof
Gender: Male (Kid 1)
Personality: Childish, Stupid, Lard, Cowardly, and Head in the Clouds
Role: Good guy

  • Weapon – Iron rebar that extends
  • Attacks — Energy beams and weight attacks
  • Abilities – Makes me wish Chris Farley was still alive

Samachi prof
Gender: Male
Personality: Silly, Attention Ham, sort of a competent fighter, and glows eyes more than anyone in the film
Role: Good guy

  • Weapon – None
  • Attacks — Energy beams and Energy Ray Attack
  • Abilities – I wish I was watching the Demon King Piccolo Arc in Dragon Ball and could he not look so stupid in this picture

Saint Teolteol prof
Gender: Male
Personality: Competent, assume drunk, maid, and Santa Clause
Role: Good guy

  • Weapon – Iron staff
  • Attacks – Weapon
  • Abilities – Old Man who can fly

Kang Cheolmin prof
Name: Kang Cheolmin
Gender: Male
Personality: Silly, Robot Pilot, and Lazy. Sort acts like Yamcha from the Dragon Ball series.
Role: Good guy

  • Weapon – Giant Robot
  • Attacks — Giant Robot Punch
  • Abilities – Travel only

Rockpile prof
Gender: Male
Personality: Serious, silent, one liners, and a very competent fighter (I want to call him Rock Trunks)
Role: Good guy

  • Weapon – Rocks and his body
  • Attacks — Telekinesis of rocks and martial arts
  • Abilities – Manipulates rocks and regenerates

Chao prof
Gender: Male
Personality: Serious, silent, and has 2 grunts with a minute of screen time
Role: Good guy

Gokji prof
Gender: Female (Kid 2)
Personality: Mature, accountant, and Saint Teolteol’s granddaughter
Role: Good gal

Name: Joo Enu-Joo
Gender: Female
Age: Early 20’s maybe a teenager who knows
Personality: Loud, Obnoxious, Bi-polar, Heavy Sleeper, and Looks like Chi-Chi but acts like April O’Neil and sounds sort of like Bulma Role: Good gal

Kelly Bundy
Name: Mayor
Gender: Male
Age: Early 60’s
Personality: Politician, business man, and reminds me of Doctor Elefun by design (Astro Boy)
Role: Good guy

Name: Chief
Gender: Male
Age: Early 60’s
Personality: Politician, Space Police man, and reminds me of Detective Gum Shoe by design (Astro Boy)
Role: Good guy

Wang & Bazooka Joe
Names: Bazooka Joe (Left) and Wang Dou Chi (Right)
Gender: Male
Age: Early 20’s and ???
Personality: Kidnappers (Both), Surfer dude (Left), Rip-off of the alien invaders from Dr. Slump (Right)
Role: Bad guys

Names: Cacuruse
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Personality: Sneaky
Role: Bad guy

Names: Maio
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Personality: Competent, powerful, and looks like Oroku Saki from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Role: Bad guy

Names: Judogwi (Forms 1 and 2)

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Personality: Cosmic Terror, Ganesha (Left) sounds like Dr. Claw, Tentacle Tree Root (Right) sounds like Cobra Commander

Role: Bad guy


This took the cast three years to make this movie and boy is this a bad cash out movie.


The animation at best is as good as a sloppy episode of Inspector Gadget. The movie is cursed with weird errors: close-up shots at questionable spots or just for no reason, continuity errors on where a character or action is positioned, color and contrast issues (especially on Judogwi’s big form it looks like a black blob on the screen), facial expressions sometimes don’t make sense or look terrible, and they play with the shine/glow effects way too much like this was a disco. On some of these shots at the beginning you’ll see some Korean lettering. This maybe a long stretch, but these weird close-up shoots might have been the director taking another camera and re-recording the footage because he couldn’t figure out how to edit these production notes out. Another issue about the animation quality are the tentacle scenes look like the person animating this previously worked on hentai (nudie booty) movies. I even question on some scenes if this was planned to be a hentai, but I’m not bashing a monster for having a non-human body either.


The main theme of the movie is stolen from a Toho Tokusatsu series called Zone Fighter (a.k.a. that television show with Godzilla in it) which they play an instrumental version. The other music is stock show tune and rockabilly music. For some reason the noticeable background music is Bowser’s laugh from Super Mario 64 and machinery running.

Pros, Cons, and Other Thoughts:
  • This movie proves that worse shows exist and will piss off anyone.
  • Had a familiar English voice cast.
  • Rockpile
  • Gokdari
  • The writing
  • The infestation of one liners
  • The animation
  • The characters
  • This makes Barney look good
  • What happened to the doctor?
-Other Thoughts:

Note: Due to the lack of info on this show some thoughts maybe speculation.

I finally caught me some Lucky Charms and someone ate all of the marshmallows. This movie is unbearable. Let’s go over some history. I think I figured out why this movie was made. Since Um Productions did have somewhat of a foot in the American market with Camp Candy they saw a shimmer of a chance to succeed. They might have seen that some anime series like Dragon Ball or Dr. Slump dominating the majority of the world wasn’t popular here so they made this shitty cash-in movie. It took them three years to make or that’s what was advertised and it bombed in theaters in 1996. This series came up again in the Dragon Ball AF over hype. Gokdari was used as a joke character to promote more saiyans were coming in this series. Once some people found out the origins of this character and movie it was dubbed as Korean Dragon Ball Z. One bit of dialog that baffles me is at the end where Gokdari spurts, “There are always more criminals out there.” This makes me realize that this movie was a pilot movie to a series that might have been. My thoughts would be, don’t watch this movie. Comparing it to what was shown on Mystery Science Theater 3000 this is as bad as Pumaman. The plot is there but can be convoluted to understand without multiple watches. I have seen this movie over thirty times and it gets stupider every time I see it. As strange as it sounds, I would like to see a subbed uncut version of this movie to see if localization tampered with some elements, but I think it still won’t save this movie. 121928466884


3+ but PBS has better programming for them to watch.

  • The Dragon Ball series
  • Shaolin Showdown
  • Any of the Force Five series
Rip-off check list:
  • Dragon Ball Series
  • Dr. Slump
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Astro Boy

Note: I did find Waldo in this movie, but I lost where he was.


Well that’s Peach from super Mario Bros.

cheif Quenby

A ginger Chief Quimby by Jiminy.


Joo let Egon go.


 Ah mayor the Megaman Box art isn’t that bad.

crowd 1

Ed Grimley is in the back with his yellow shirt and apparently the rugby team is in town.

crowd 2

Jinkies Velma, I didn’t know you had a boy friend.

crowd 3

Well Dr. Katz is in the middle and with his hair cut off  in the top right corner is Vernon (I think) form the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987.

Movie Credits:

all credits Link to Um Productions:

Story: Our story, once again, has a three part boss fight structure with a weak build up and lame corny writing. In 2023, Korea is a place where technology is the same as in the 1960’s and architecture that defies physics exists.

Spoilers and confusion explained here: First you’ll see a spoiling teaser and after that piss yellow 3D animation which were suppose to form the title in native Korean characters but “SUPER KID” was edited over it in an unsubtle fashion. title Joo Eun-joo (I’m saying Joo) , a bi-polar news reporter with sleep issues that should make her too disabled to work, is at her job asleep until her phone kicks her ass while her boss calls with a task of getting a scoop on the Super Kids. Now she’s awake and excited to hear the news of her chancing to get an interview with the Super Kids. She punches her desk and jumps with joy as Joo yells across her office and runs out of there like she was on Ricky Moody’s crazy pills because she gets to interview the Super Kids (Hold out your stockings kids). She hops in her rocket jet and launches off. While watching her drive, she wonders who the Super Kids are, and a recording plays on a tube television screen in pseudo bad VHS quality as each character is presented with their own bio. Sadly the Super Kids or Gokdari Group, which might have been the original name of this K-anime project, has only one or two members are young enough to be a kid at ages eleven and thirteen. Meanwhile the Super Kids are in a fight in the sky with Wang Dou Chi (I’m saying Wang) and Bazooka Joe who are notorious kidnappers of Dr. Edward Christove. There are two parts to this fight which focuses on the red haired Jamaican dreadlocked character Gokdari. wanted The first fight we focus on is with Wang and Gokdari. In the fight we see that Wang can breathe fire and hits Gokdari two times. The first time and longer time that Gokdari is set ablaze it does not bother him as he laughs, but getting toasted the second time he is upset because his hair caught on fire. Wang soon catches Gokdari in his tentacles and attempts to get Gokdari. After an awkward camera zoom, Gokdari manages to use his strength to open Wang’s mouth and extend his power staff in Wang’s mouth. Here is an example of how childish and merciless Gokdari really is as the staff is in Wang’s mouth it extends, “…and keeps growing and growing… ,” till he can get the staff out. This is acted out like a four-year-old giving an Indian burn or closing their friend in a closet until it’s too cruel and unbearable to be near that friend. After taking the staff out, Wang starts to cry and whine. While Wang proves a point to Gokdari, white Korean text appears at the lower right of the screen. (I’ll talk about this detail later). After some cheesy dialog and over-stretching Wang’s mouth, Gokdari turns to the others as they deal with Bazooka Joe. Wang sees an opportunity and sneaks up behind Gokdari as Bowser’s laugh track from Super Mario Bros. 64 is played. A stupid moment occurs then we see a glimpse of a better fight scene happen as Samachi punches Bazooka Joe down. Gokdari asks Big Boy where Wang went and reveals that he is behind him. Here’s a further spoiler, if you can’t tell from my elusive foreshadowing, every scene with Gokdari is over-the-top silly and ruins the movie. All of a sudden, Wang’s teeth shatters and the alien cries while looking at a pink hand mirror as Bowser’s laugh can be heard again. In the second fight with Bazooka Joe, Big Boy, Saint Teolteol, and Samachi charge towards the mecha dressed man as each one puts in a hit before he could retaliate with his bazooka. This leads to the team dodging and letting Gokdari be the only one to attack. Gokdari launches two beams form each hand. The scene cuts to the dual beams becoming one as it slows down for a moment as it pierces through the laser blast from the bazooka. We now see the beam hurling towards Joe as we see the scene jump from a stand still animation of him screaming into this weird camera zoom shot of him screaming. (These shots happen multiple times during the movie, but more will be talked about in the production category.) After Joe gets blasted, we see him scantily clad in what’s left of his armor while everyone points and laughs at him. Seeing Zorak getting blasted by Space Ghost is funnier and way better than this scene.

Money Shot

Looks like Joo is trying to get that money shot.

Here a small sub-plot begins to form as Big Boy drools over Joo. This makes him become a fat ass as his eyes glow red and then his eyes glow blue. Luckily for us, Wang smacks Big Boy and tosses him out of the scene and into Wang’s tentacles as the Bowser laugh returns. Every one of the Super Kids is now entangled by Wang. Wang spits out bad guy dialog before his eyes glow red. Gokdari gets mad and cooks Wang with his aura as he and his friends are now free from his grasp. Everyone of the Super kids grabs a tentacle keeping Wang at bay. Wang snickers as he let out his secret weapon which is “poison gas” … He farts. When the good guys notice, they run away as generic rock-a-billy music soon follows as they cover their nose and mouths. When they are far enough away, the crew dances in a stupid manor to wave the gas off of them. Wang takes this time to glow his eye red and sucker punch his enemy. Wang takes this time to gloat as Samachi blasts him with his beam attack. Wang cries and whines like a four-year-old and sling his dentures out. He chases his teeth in the air. Gokdari gets mad and screams AhToucha Gokdari (I think) and launches a beam of Wonder Bread dots to catch his enemies in his staff (sort of like the Ghost Trap from Ghostbusters). Wang manages to catch his teeth and Bowser laughs one more time. Soon Joe is captured as well. After the fight, Big Boy and Samachi try to impress Eunjoo in front of her camera. The gang flies to the viewers below and present to the Mayor the criminals they captured. Before handing them over, Gokdari wants to negotiate the price. The mayor grumbles and hands them the money assuring them that it’s the right amount. He lets the defeated criminals out in public as Joe becomes a laughing stock. Big Boy, Samachi, and Eunjoo ham up to the cameras as Saint Teolteol tells a joke to get the whole town laughing. Dr. Edward Christove was never seen or mentioned again. space police Next is the set up for our space adventure. A ship teleports throughout the city as two space police are set to find the Super Kids hideout which is in a condemned building. Inside we see everyone who had fought in a tuxedo except for three people. Kang is finally seen here reading what might be manga or manhwa. Gokji and Choa are in their usual attire. Gokdari is dressed as a Good Guy doll (Chucky must be his idol). Gokdari gets board with SMK News as the two officers enter the room. re-run

Boring news

Choa grunts his two lines to meet his Salary. As the two are revealed to be Chief Co-Walkie and Captain, the Chief asks for their help and says that he is from the planet Delta. Captain briefs the team as a dark green Ganesha is displayed on a projector screen. This is the most deadly criminal in the universe. He is so ruthless that he sold his own family into slavery for a box of gold (Pfft, idiot I would had the box filled up with gold as well). Known for many crimes and wars, his methods are the same: he sneak attacks the planet, annihilates all of the life from the planet, and takes all of its resources. His partner is named Maio. His name is Judogwi. At that point everyone except Gokdari runs away. He accepts the job to complete it within a month and forces others necessary to come along. While Gokdari accepts the job, the Captain’s sunglasses glint at the camera. This is to tell us that he is a bad guy. Gokdari talks about pay with the chief and mentions that it’s too low but he will try to grab his gold like the leprechaun he is. troll doll

He looks like a troll doll.

Next scene we see and ugly rip-off of Magzinger with bull horns. I’m not saying bull horns are bad but put more effort into the design (just look at Ultraman Taro). The crew that’s needed will travel in the robot. We see that Kang was persuaded by force from Gokdari’s staff. Big Boy is being fat because he is a lard ass, and Joo sneaks aboard the robot. In the control room, we see that every screen will blink a neon color. Kang yells, “lift off,” after pulling the throttle lever and the robot soars into the sky. Gokdari asks where Rockpile was. Kang replies that he is stuck between a rock and a hard place (HAR HAR HAR, Rocky and Bull Winkle was better than this). Once again the neon colors blink back as a rock glows green and explodes as a blue figure shines through. Soaring in the air, the blue shine turns into Rockpile as he shoots inside the robot’s stomach. The crew leaves into space as Saint Teolteol happily says goodbye as he sets out to clean the base.

ugly robo

Ugly Robo

While in space, the Chief reveals that if they succeed that he will get re-elected, and he will also take the credit. The Captain smirks in the background as his glasses glint. The screen scrolls down to show that the Captain’s hand can turn into an arm cannon of blades. The blades do that gleam thing as well.

In the robot, Samachi says they’re going to light speed and says some techno babble to say that they are half way there and they are on auto-pilot. His eyes won’t stop blinking green!!! Everyone else is asleep except for Big Boy. He is sleepy but he is getting his skinny tingles and must maintain his lardness. We watch him go into the Food Room as he says Food Room as well. When he is inside, he does mention some food items, but none of what he is listing off is shown. He gathers a couple of boxes and sits on the floor and eats like Pooh Bear eating some honey. Big Boy notices someone behind him and shoots a red beam at an evil looking red eyed Joo. He turns on the lights to see Joo on top of some crushed boxes. She bitches at him as Big Boy gushes like an idiot. Joo gets enraged and attacks with a Wolf-Fang-Scratch. Big Boy is too stupid and unaffected by the attack to realize that this is not a date. Turns out, Big Boy has his own food box and Joo ate all of the food so she would have a place to stay. Joo defeats the whole purpose for eating and invites herself into her own cabin. Big Boy realizes that a box of his food is gone and faints at the thought of losing weight.

Wolf Fang Fist

Joo performing the Wolf-Fang-Scratch.

It’s two minutes later and ten days later in the movie. Kang gets impatient and asks Samachi, “How long it is until there,” which is two hours for them. The planet is revealed and it looks like a bitten moldy cookie named X7. As a monotone robotic voice describes the planet, Samachi’s eyes won’t stop blinking green. When the screen pans across the characters, some wearing ridiculous headphones, Rockpile has to blink his eyes as well but they’re yellow.

On the planet, it’s pretty much a swamp waste land with that Scooby-Doo (Where Are You?) fog all over the place. The background music does sound like it would be from Scooby-Doo as well. The inhabitants of the planet are blue/green ET rip-offs that glow blue. When we first see them, many blue ones appear as a green one is carried by a cage. When the Super Kids land, for some reason they fly around to scout the area on a flying carpet. When the bozos encounter the aliens, Gokdari has a shoot to kill philosophy before talking to the locals, and he blasts one up close in the face to see if they’re harmless. Samachi translates for Gokdari that the locals must sacrifice every so often or Judogwi might attack them (The flashing gets over the top from here on).

To cut it shorter, they pulled a switcheroo-ambush. Gokdari transforms into the green local and surprises Judogwi as the rest attack. They banter for a bit and Big Boy gains some courage as Joo captures the news footage. The team fails the first fight with Rockpile being the better effective one in the fight. As Judogwi flees for a nap, Maio appears to be a diversion for the Super Kids. Maio easily defeats them with energy beams, an energy beam similar to what the Iron Reaper Soul Stealer looks like, and force fields. Judogwi kidnaps Joo during the bout with Maio. Judogwi and Maio will teleport away from the Super Kids. Before Maio leaves, he teleports all over the place with an old cell phone commercial jingle to warn of Cacuruse and that he is going to kill the Chief since he is the Caption. It’s hinted but for this instance Maio is revealed to be Gokdari’s dad and more allusion later on will prove this. Gokdari, Rockpile, and Kang head towards planet Delta to save the Chief. Samachi and Big Boy stay behind to find Judogwi’s hideout and rescue Joo.

On planet Delta, the Chief yells for the Caption to come in the office. The Captain teleports nearby and has his beer goggles on as he enters the Chief Room. He draws out his arm weapon and gets near the badly edited/written Chief as his scenes jumps around. Before he could slay the Chief, he banters on about his plan and name of his true identity. Gokdari’s staff extends and blocks a fatal strike to the chief. Gokdari sasses and Rockpile explodes from a wall. The Captain transforms into Cacuruse. He proves to be an equal match with Gokdari, but slams Gokdari away after the he tries to rainbow jump. Cacuruse rainbow jumps to Rockpile and to be honest when these two fight it’s not a bad fight scene. Rockpile will sass corny one-liners, but not a bad fight sequence. Well guess what, Gokdari shows up and ruins the movie once again as he turns the fight into a teasing play pin spectacle. Showing that if Gokdari can’t torment his foe and hog the spotlight this would be a better movie. There is not much of a difference in this fight and the Wang fight besides better fight scenes with Rockpile and Cacuruse is afraid of ants. A few dental jokes are made and defeated by his fear of ants. One music track was played and it might have been original or just stock (Really Gokdari in this fight should have either died or matured for its outcome. Rockpile was about to be blasted to bits but he would have reformed anyway leaving him to win in the long run based off of stamina.).

Samachi and Big Boy are diligently scouting the planet on the flying carpet. Big Boy looks with his eyes as Samachi uses telekinesis even though it looks like he is popping his head like a zit. Once the cavern is found, its queen Barly’s old throne room, and Judogwi is asleep face down. While he is asleep, Judogwi is gathering the planet’s energy and poisoning it at the same time. The two find Joo. Samachi tells Big Boy to keep silent when they got to her, but Joo wakes up and yells louder anyway. Judogwi wakes up and begins to suck them up. When he got tired of sucking, Judogwi starts blowing. Samachi blasts him causing the elephant to stop. Big Boy gets mad and fusses at the two to leave as he takes on Judogwi. Joo thanks Samachi and gushes over Big Boy. Soon Big Boy is thrown out like a rag doll.

rainbow jump

The rainbow jump

Judogwi appears and intimidates the trio. Samachi has an idea as the two must team up and combine their energy. Big Boy must summon up some more courage and holds Samachi’s hand. This is refreshing to see some character development but Judogwi zaps the two before it was completed. Joo gets tossed aside as the two charges in for a melee attack with a rainbow jump. Judogwi rainbow jumps as well, but it looks like a mosh pit leap. Big Boy uses his iron rebar staff to hit Judogwi. To no effect he gets tossed aside by the monster. Samachi gets mad and launches an attack with him posing as Piccolo protecting Gohan from Nappa’s attack. This attack is called Energy Ray Attack multiple beams come out as the shape of the user and barrage their target. A touch will make them explode like a certain ghost attack from some other show many people rather be watching right now (Ooo, Scary. I’m a Ghost). This attack proves to be very effective and Joo is cheering from a tree branch.


The Cavern

Samachi is tired as Judogwi is slightly winded. Judogwi launches a stretchy punch at Samachi causing the big green to be planted in the ground. Samachi tries to fly up, but Judogwi pins the two down. Big Big is paralyzed with fear as he is in a situation that he could easily roll out of. Before he could be smashed, Rockpile launches a layer of rocks to stop the monster’s attack. Knowing who was there, Judogwi uses a force field to find out where Rockpile was. He looks at the direction of the attack, but instead of finding Rockpile the Gigantor reject comes instead. A bout with the giant monster and giant robot occurs for one minute as Kang uses the robot to punch Judogwi and run away as Gokdari and Rockpile emerge. The four team up (with Gokdari being unusually strong) to fight the monster. The first attack from Rockpile weakens Judogwi’s force field as the others were able to launch a couple of decent blows. Kang flies it with Getter T.P. and manages to knock in a good punch. Judogwi shots the robot causing the robot to electrically malfunction and send Kang flying away from the rest of the fight.


The planet is poisoned!!!

The gang surrounds Judogwi and barrages him with their attacks with Gokdari not even attempting to really attack him. After that first barrage, Judogwi breaks free and transforms into his human form that looks like a humanoid tree root. The first thing he does is shatter Gokdari’s staff. He intimidates and entangles the gang as he shocks them into submission. The animation is even more mixed at this point as some entangled moments just look like the cell is getting shacked from corner to corner or the animation gets more decent than usual like the close up scream scene. Rockpile breaks free and attempts to attack, but gets blocked by Judogwi’s telekinesis while getting shucked away. Judogwi prepares to launch his final blow against the Super Kids until Maio appears to depower the blasts. Judogwi untangles the Super Kids to deal with Maio. Bouts of dialog are exchanged before the fight begins. Some energy blows were exchanged and Maio monologues about his change of heart. The gang rests up and watches the confrontation. Maio manages to teleport behind Judogwi and grab him. At this point you will see the greatest and sloppiest animation error in this entire movie, Judogwi manages to bind Maio’s neck and he becomes a bobble head (you and your friends will rift for hours on this scene). As his last stand, Maio takes the source of energy away from Judogwi and commits suicide as he destroys the orb while in space.

Judogwi weakened and Gokdari at mixed feelings, the staff reconstructs to its original form. The gang now can easily defeat Judogwi. The fight is pretty much seeing an animal drown. Judogwi constantly swaps forms which confused me as to know what form has a high power level and what determines strength in this movie besides slapstick and a falsehood of courage. There is one attack Judogwi has that I can’t help but point out. As a last ditch effort before running away, he shoots lasers out of his orifices and spins around like a light strobe (I’m starting to think the director loves the disco). Turns out Gokdari can grow into a giant. He finally gets his chance to run away from the staff’s wonder bread beam, but he gets kicked down by everyone back into the beam. Gokdari has a hard time holding it but Big Boy steps in and help him like this was fishing. orb After the fight, everyone is tired. Joo caught everything on film and Kang shows up wrecking the planet as he wants to fight Judogwi. Everyone laughs as Kang wrecks the planet. Back on the home planet, Gokji informs Teolteol that the reward money is gone. They both panic and wondered where it went. Teolteol says the most responsible thing in the movie, “Face the consequences and hope for the best.” Meanwhile at the Angel Orphanage, stock music plays and Joo’s lips move. It turns out Gokdari donated the prize money from their space adventure to this run down orphanage. TeolTeol and the others found out where he is and confront him about this issue. Gokdari shrugs the responsibility off and tells them that they have to do more bounties to make up for this loss and threatens to donate to more orphanages on this planet and to more in space. Teolteol and the others fall into shock from Gokdari’s stupidity.


Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!!!

This was painful to watch.

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5 thoughts on “Ooo, Who’s Bad? Anime Sludge: Super Kid (1996)

  1. […] Link to Super Kids (1996) review: […]

  2. I first learned of “Super Kid” though getting into a phase of buying VCD’s around 2000 or 2001. This was one of many I bought off of Asian sellers on eBay and I didn’t know what to expect. It’s basically all you say it is in this review. Purely, the studio could’ve done better but chose to follow the same procedure as every other Korean animation studio has done since the 70’s, look to Japan for inspiration. That inspiration lacked the real heart and soul needed to make these things work, and as such, only appear as surface elements to a story that lacks any meat. It’s only been within the past decade that Korea’s animation industry has matured greatly past this sort of copycatting caterwauling to present us with some interesting films as of late. Sure took them a long time.

    First you’ll see a spoiling teaser and after that piss yellow 3D animation which were suppose to form the title in native Korean characters but “SUPER KID” was edited over it in an unsubtle fashion.

    I would assume “UM Production” purposely made that opening credit (and the end credits) just to get this exposure outside Korea if the English versions served as a export/international release (I see a Spanish-dubbed version on YouTube that uses the same English credits). Interesting if the studio worked on Camp Candy. I don’t think their name ever appeared in the credits but DiC was never keen to credit many overseas outlets they shipped these shows out to.

    Checking out the character stats again that you screengabbed, I’m surprised Gokji is supposed to be 11 years old. She really doesn’t look it, and the English version gives her a grown woman’s voice. I thought she was 21 instead and that was a typo. Shows how much I know! It certainly would make sense if it’s illegal to hire minors like her to work for her grandpa’s operation. Of course we don’t get much with her other than her shock at the reward money being missing. A few other characters only ever get a quick line to say or a few seconds on screen, they should just lump them all into the statement “And the rest” (from Gilligan’s Island). The movie only focuses on Gokdari and the 3 or so characters who travel to those places with him (not to mention Joo and her journalistic integrates).

    And yes, that was a dumb ending, Gokdari having to play Good Samaritan like that at the worst time, but I guess they wanted something on par to Son Goku wasting up Kamesennin’s (Jackie Chun) prize money from the tournament on eating out at some restaurant. This whole thing was seriously combing from a better property!

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