Persona 4 The Golden The Animation The Episode 1

Like a lot of people, when it was announced that another Persona 4 anime was being made, this time to cover the enhanced PSVita port “Persona 4 The Golden,” with the “The” dropped for no reason with the English release, I was skeptical. I mean it’s been less than 3 years since the first anime and a LOT of other shows need remakes more than the first Persona 4 anime did.

The thing is, I’m not sure it IS a remake anymore after the first episode. I think it’s New Game+.

Ok, so. Spoilers. Obviously.

It starts up like normal. Car. Velvet Room. Igor. Margaret.

Persona 4 - 1 - 1

Lots of blue too.

But then Margaret says something… a bit curious. “Even familiar landscapes will reveal a different kind of beauty if you change your viewpoint.”

For those of you wondering why I jumped straight in to this with no explanation, let me mention why this is important. The Velvet Room is the closest the Persona series gets to really breaking the 4th Wall. Igor and Margaret address the Main Character as being Player Avatar, not directly but from more indirect standpoint. They are the guide for the player, and therefor you, through the game.

And one of the people there just straight-up called attention to the fact this has been done before. That’s why it’s important. In universe, characters are acknowledging that. It leads me to believe that this is a New Game+-style take on the story. More on that in a bit.

After a musical montage of the various important character set to the Golden’s opening theme, a mirror to the first anime’s use of the first version’s theme, things get rolling.

With some cherry blossoms and shiny animation, we are introduced to a new character from The Golden. She picks up a piece of paper the Main Character, Yu(You get it? He’s you, so Yu), had dropped and hands it back to him. It’s played up a lot more here than in the game.

That over with it’s time for a speedthrough of plot elements we need to get through.

  • Dojima: Uncle. Nanako: Cousin, Cute, Better have another Magical Witch Detective episode this anime.
  • Gas station. Gas Station Attendant Hand shake- Wait a minute… Yu initiated that Hand shake… That’s important.
  • “From here on in, we’re your family.” Also JUNES SONG.
  • Transfer student introduction. Gotta talk back at the teacher for those crucial starting Courage points. And ANOTHER YU-INITIATED HANDSHAKE. This better become a thing.

Persona 4 - 1 - 2

“My name is Yu Narukami and I’m gonna be friends with everyone in Yasogami High School!”

  • Hanging out with friends, also MIDNIGHT CHANNEL. AND ORANGES.
  • Stick your hand in the TV! No time for even mentioning Yosuke’s bladder this time! Just fall!
  • Is that a person in the fog? Better run towards the next plot point!
  • Spooky room! No time! Teddie’s here! Have your glasses!
  • I sure hope some Shadows don’t attack and rush us towards a fight sc-
  • Persona 4 - 1 - 3

Pardon the reference’s source, but “I CAME IN LIKE A WREAKING BALL!”

Fight scene! Run outside! Time for all that plot rush pay off!

So, Chie is knocked out with a lick and they are surrounded by waaaaaaaaaaaay too many shadows. Like last time, Yu summons his Persona – Oh hi new girl – and proceeds to wipe the floor with HUNDREDS OF SHADOWS. He’s FAR more powerful then he should be, and if this is New Game+ it makes sense. He wields his Persona like he already knows how and it easily deals with a bunch of enemies.

Persona 4 - 1 - 4

Seriously! What in The World is happen!? Or The Fool!? I don’t care what Arcana it is!

Leaving a huge crater around everyone, Yu turns around in smiles.

End credits happen, and after them there’s a scene where Yu has to take Marie, the new girl from The Golden, out to see the world on the Velvet Room’s request. Honestly it’s a nice scene, that sets her up as cute but a bit abrasive due to her past. It probably would have gotten to me more if it hadn’t happened right after that crazy fight scene.

So yeah. Persona 4 The Golden. You have my interest.

Persona 4 The Golden is available on Crunchyroll.

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