Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1

Preface: I sit here about to embark on a long journey. 26 episodes airing every other week as a reboot to Sailor Moon. That’s a year of Moon.


You see, the reason I chose to review this weekly when there are so many other shows to choose from this season, and I may still decide to pick up a second after previewing things, is because I consider Sailor Moon to be my first anime. I technically watched Samurai Pizza Cats first, but I only vaguely remember it after being reminded of it’s existence.


Sailor Moon was the show that got me started on this whole spiral. Weekday mornings at 5:30 AM before school I would wake up and see it, just a few episodes. I celebrated when it came to Toonami, leading me to things like Dragonball Z and Tenchi Muyou. When it moved too early in the schedule for me to watch I learned how to set the VCR to record it so I could keep watching. One of my close friends I became friends with because they mentioned liking Sailor Moon during class introductions in Middle School.

So, if you don’t get the point yet, Sailor Moon is something very important to me. It’s not one of my favorite anime, I’m not even sure it would be in my top ten, but it’s one of the most influential ones to me. That’s why I’m reviewing it. That’s my mindset going in to this show. It helped lead me down the path to who I am today.

And it’s time to start that journey again. In 1969 the first man stepped on the Moon and history was made. History was made again in 1995, when Sailor Moon was brought to America. It’s time to see if History repeats itself.

Half an hour later.

Well, that certainly was Sailor Moon.


It’s kinda hard to know where to start with this. Most of Sailor Moon is considered common knowledge for most anime fans, but I’ll try and cover what’s necessary.


After a bit of a flashback dream sequence we are introduced to Tsukino Usagi, the clumsy and already-late-to-school Japanese middle school girl.

No toast in mouth. 0/10.


It actually takes a bit for them to show her face, going through the cold open up past the opening theme for a bit, despite the fact that’ her face is in the opening, before the reveal. Strange choice.


She steps on a black cat with a bandage on her forehead, stopping just long enough to remove that bandage and reveal a crescent moon mark before running to school.

A quick cutaway shows a bad guy in a dark area make some kind of clay monster. Spooky.

For being late, Usagi is sent to stand in the hall before her teacher comes out to yell at her for failing a test. After getting back in the classroom we get some brief introductions to classmates: Smart kid with Swirly Glasses Umino and Naru, rich and smart Best Friend…chan? I dunno. I’m more used to Best Friend-kuns.

After some establishing dialogue about Jewelry and the pre-established canon Magical Girl, Sailor V, Usagi and friends go to Naru’s mother’s Jewelry store.


SM1-2Nice to know that even in a show with an extra week to make each episode that we’ll still get
strange background character frame animations.


Even at 95% off it’s too much for the test-failing Usagi, so she leaves and in a bit of emotion crumples up the test and throws it, hitting someone behind her. They banter until the “He’s So Bishounen” bubble pop up and she leaves in a Doki-Doki huff.


Usagi goes to the arcade and enforces Sailor V’s market foothold by playing her video game, introducing Motoki, the cute guy that works there. After that she goes home, gets yelled at for her grades and made fun of by her annoying brother.

Meanwhile, at the Jewelery Store, a mysterious man in a Tuxedo and a Mask looks on while it’s established that the discount jewelery is evil and energy draining.

SM1-3Now, here’s what you need to do: Put 15 points in Wealth and just buy the Evil Magic Jewelery.
What? It worked in the Magical Girl Tabletop Game I’m current in.

Back with our main character, the cat shows up again and talks. Thinking it’s all a dream Usagi tried to go back to sleep until she’s offered free stuff, the free stuff being her transformation broach.

Cue Stock Footage.

After a CGI henshining, Usagi’s Magical Girl powers activate to show a rarely-used Danger Sense. Her friend it in danger. To the Jewelery shop home where she lives and such!

Getting there, the monster, disguised as Naru’s safe-but-bound-in-basement mother sends the people affected by the jewelry to fight the newly arrived Sailor Moon. It’s more effective that it has any right to be until the monster gets 1-hit-KO’d by a Boomerang Tiara.


SM1-4Just add “Returning” to anything and it becomes a boomerang. Tiara, Shield, Car.
Yeah. Boomerang Car.


The mysterious man compliments her and tried to Batman away, get used to that, reveling that the person wearing a Tuxedo and a Mask is named… Tuxedo Mask. Well “Kamen” but I’ve not had enough time to talk about Kamen Rider here yet. I gotta save that word.


Everything is back to normal, save Usagi being Sailor Moon now, and cut to credits.

Episode Thoughts: Like I said, it’s Sailor Moon. Something feels a bit different though, even from what I’ve seen of the Original Japanese first show. The pacing and the art seem a lot more… Shoujo. I’ll hold off judgement on that for a few eps. Because next week we get another magical girl: Sailor Mercury.

I mean 2 weeks from now. Dang schedule.

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Crunchyroll and is licensed by Viz. It’s already got a dub cast. What a world we live in.

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