Ongoing Review: In Bura: Bloodine in the Darkness – Chapter 2 of 14

Disclaimer: In Bura is an INCREDIBLY ecchi manga. I’m not gonna break WordPress’s policies, but things are going to get increasingly risque from this point forward. Read at your own peril! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

Before I begin with Chapter 2, I’d like to point out a followup to something I said last time. You know how it was obvious that the Main Character of In Bura, Whatshisface McGenericCharacter-san, looked a LOT like the main character of To Love-Ru? Well it turns out that this was indeed obvious as, well… They’ve started darkening his hair so he at least isn’t indistinguishable from Rito anymore.


Although ironically, the hair tuft in the middle looks even more like Rito’s now, only larger.

So now, with a slightly less plagiariffic main character, we move onward towards Love Interest 2!

In Bura Chapter 2




Technically Page 2 and Technically Bat Uppercut, but whatever.

So, after a page of a quick plot-fill in, our main character is decked by a butler. Love Interest 1’s butler. The punch draws enough blood to send her into suck mode which causes the butler to throw another punch. This loop is broken when Love Interest 1, let’s just call her “Perky Boobs” from now on since we’re getting more love interests, realizes what she’s doing. The butler then chases Not-Rito all the way into the next scene.

In the next scene, Perky Boobs explains that the butler is a bat turned into a person-familiar, because vampire magic. Meanwhile, the butler tries to figure out why Perky Boobs is all up ons Not-Rito all of the time, and it’s blackmail. Obviously blackmail.


Oh, they don’t show anything, but I wanted to use that censor face anyway.

After deciding this, the butler goes off to find Perky Boobs and save her, but Not-Rito has taken more skin-breaking bodily harm and the duo have run off to the consistently understaffed infirmary again. After 2 pages of very suggestive angling, we find out that the blood is on his knee, hence why Perky Boobs in on her knees between his legs. The butler then takes Not-Rito and drags him off to the PE storage room and then- HOLY BATBOOBS, BATMAN!


I’d make some comment about the science of hiding those under that butler outfit, but we ARE dealing with vampire magic.

Then she, who both I and the manga have avoided using pronouns on, offers herself to Not-Rito instead of Perky Boobs to… protect her because she feels responsibly from this one time from before Perky Boobs had boobs when she told someone she was a vampire and became outcast. She blames herself for not watching Perky Boobs hard enough. Not-Rito explains that he’s actually a cool guy, and that Perky Boobs is just drinking his blood. Then on cue Perky Boobs shows up and jumps on him and does just that.

In the resulting kerfuffle, the Batler’s boob bandages bust off her bust and bind the bat and the boy so that his face is beneath her bottom and her bust is rebound by the bonds in a bondagey manner. The chapter ends as he is thrown through the door in her embarrassment.

Credits: PROzess for the scans. In Bura: Bloodline in the Dark by Tatsuya Endou, published by Akita Shoten in Champion Red Magazine. Censor Face guy is from Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei.

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