Ongoing Review: In Bura: Bloodine in the Darkness – Chapter 1 of 14

Forward to the Forward: Whenever I do a big Chapter-to-Chapter or Episode-to-Episode review, I’ll probably do a Forwardy thing like this to lay down my thoughts going into things, or give any relevant information I think is necessary.

My only regret is that I couldn’t think of a reason to have a “Forward to the Forward to the Forward.”

Forward: Before I start, let’s talk about why I’m reviewing this manga in particular. I came across “In Bura” due to seeing people talk about it online and after reading it my first thoughts were “Wow, this is even more obviously derivative and cliché than most ecchi harem manga already are” and “This is even terrible by that standard!” So it’s terrible, cliché and derivative, AND it’s a genre I actually like when it’s done well, so it’s like a perfect storm of review material for me.

You know, all that and it’s even more like Twilight than Rosario+Vampire.

In Bura Chapter 1

The manga starts off with our Main Character giving the standard “Normal life continues into high school until I met the main female character” line. It’s here on the first page that we hit the first derivitation. Is that a word? It is now. Amagami Kouichi, whose name I’ve already forgotten since typing it, looks almost exactly like Yuki Rito from To Love-Ru.


I mean seriously. Like, Rito’s chin is a bit pointer and his middle hair thing only points to one side.

Taking another aspect of Rito, Not-Rito trips and lands headfirst into Love Interest 1’s boobs in time for the second page. After getting hit for that she then pulls him into a kiss before apologizing and running off. Well at least certainly faster than Twilight, but we went from 0 to Makeout in 3 pages. Some series take the entire run just to get to that point.

After the Love Interest flees it cuts to *Spins the Stereotypical High School Class Wheel* Home Ec Class where supporting characters whose names aren’t even given try to talk to Not-Rito about his encounter with Love Interest, who is the “Very Attractive Nice Girl with Lots of Admirers” type. In his standard embarrassment he cuts his finger, which once again gets Love Interest’s attention.


This manga is going to push the boundaries of what WordPress will allow, won’t it…?

After realizing she was sucking a guy’s… finger while surrounded by classmates, she pulls Not-Rito off to the infirmary while his tiny cut bleeds profusely and his shirt gets pulled open… somehow… She then straddles him and starts to… lick the blood off of him. While, of course, pressing her boobs against him. This IS ecchi, after all.

In a surprising show of intelligence, he actually figures out that’s what she’s doing before she comes to her senses yet again and wraps his finger up with enough bandage to mummify his head. Then we get the whole “I’m a vampire” bit, followed by various myth explanations.

ImageI like how the sun cream reminds me of that Scooby Doo movie where Shaggy became a werewolf.

Not-Rito’s also got Super Tasty Blood, which is why she gets all up ons and starts drinking it. Then the old dance happens yet again “I’m a vampire! I’m a monster” “No, I’m cool with you” “Yay! Friendship!” Then she glomps him into a table, drawing blood yet again and the chapter ends as the nurse walks in to find her all over him as she sucks in the top of his head.


Not Sure If Better Love Story Than Twilight yet.

Credits: PROzess for the scans. In Bura: Bloodline in the Dark by Tatsuya Endou, published by Akita Shoten in Champion Red Magazine. Picture of Rito from To Love-Ru by Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki, published by Shueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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