Ongoing Review: In Bura: Bloodine in the Darkness – Chapter 2 of 14

Disclaimer: In Bura is an INCREDIBLY ecchi manga. I’m not gonna break WordPress’s policies, but things are going to get increasingly risque from this point forward. Read at your own peril! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

Before I begin with Chapter 2, I’d like to point out a followup to something I said last time. You know how it was obvious that the Main Character of In Bura, Whatshisface McGenericCharacter-san, looked a LOT like the main character of To Love-Ru? Well it turns out that this was indeed obvious as, well… They’ve started darkening his hair so he at least isn’t indistinguishable from Rito anymore.


Although ironically, the hair tuft in the middle looks even more like Rito’s now, only larger.

So now, with a slightly less plagiariffic main character, we move onward towards Love Interest 2!

In Bura Chapter 2

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Ongoing Review: In Bura: Bloodine in the Darkness – Chapter 1 of 14

Forward to the Forward: Whenever I do a big Chapter-to-Chapter or Episode-to-Episode review, I’ll probably do a Forwardy thing like this to lay down my thoughts going into things, or give any relevant information I think is necessary.

My only regret is that I couldn’t think of a reason to have a “Forward to the Forward to the Forward.”

Forward: Before I start, let’s talk about why I’m reviewing this manga in particular. I came across “In Bura” due to seeing people talk about it online and after reading it my first thoughts were “Wow, this is even more obviously derivative and cliché than most ecchi harem manga already are” and “This is even terrible by that standard!” So it’s terrible, cliché and derivative, AND it’s a genre I actually like when it’s done well, so it’s like a perfect storm of review material for me.

You know, all that and it’s even more like Twilight than Rosario+Vampire.

In Bura Chapter 1

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